ファーウェイの新機種スマホ、ガチのぶっ壊れチート性能過ぎてヤバイ - 09月20日(金)08:52  news4vip

Mate 30 pro Soc kirin990 RAM 8GB ストレージ 125or256GB カメラ 40MP+40MP+8MP+TOF 光学ズーム3倍 ISO 409600 ビデオ 4k60fps ISO 51200 スローモーションモード7680fps これでお値段13万円…… ...

Is This Bottega Veneta’s New ‘It Shoe’ for Spring 2020? - 09月20日(金)07:45 

Bottega Veneta was everywhere in Milan this week — and not just on the heels of every influencer. Ahead of its Milan Fashion Week show on Thursday, the brand plastered its ads on every single billboard and trolley bus in the Italian city, it’s minimalist aesthetic maximized in mass messaging. It was also the hot ticket of the week, and throngs of fans (all wearing their square-toed knot sandals and mesh pumps) piled into the show — or didn’t get in. Irina Shayk in a two-strap sandal with padded woven leather from Bottega Veneta’s spring ’20 collection. ...more

Most Relevant Brands Survey Shows Amazon Dominates Retail, Nike Wins at Apparel Among US Consumers - 09月20日(金)03:56 

The 2019 Prophet Brand Index confirmed what we already know: Americans rely on Amazon. The San Francisco-based consultancy canvassed 13,500 U.S. consumers, asking about 225 brands in 27 categories. Amazon ranked as the No. 7 most-relevant brand overall among consumers surveyed, nabbing the No. 1 spot in the Retail sector. Prophet devised four categories that account for brand relevance: Customer Obsessed, Distinctively Inspired, Ruthlessly Pragmatic and Pervasively Innovative. Amazon ranked No. 1 in the Ruthlessly Pragmatic category, which measures how much consumers depend on a company. As br...more

How Simon Doonan Wrote The Complete History Of Drag - 09月20日(金)02:53 

Over the years, drag culture has exploded into the mainstream with the popularity of RuPaul's Drag Race introducing hundreds of new performers and inspiring the culture worldwide. The drag aficionado and author, Simon Doonan, is breaking it down in his latest book, "DRAG: The Complete History"

Growing The Game In Scotland With The 'Murray Trophy' - 09月20日(金)01:44 

Enter the grounds of the Scotstoun Leisure Centre and one thing is immediately apparent. The passion for tennis and thirst for live action in Scotland has never waned. Fans have filed into the modest, cozy facility in Glasgow all week for a glimpse of world-class tennis. In three of the last four years, the bustling city has hosted Davis Cup ties at the Emirates Arena. But this week, the ATP Challenger Tour has welcomed players and fans to the quaint 1,000-seat venue at Scotstoun. The 'Murray Trophy' has arrived. While the name itself carries great significance throughout Scotland, it's Jami...more

ナイキ、「Siri」の音声操作で紐を締められるスニーカー「Adapt Huarache」 - 09月20日(金)08:30 

Nikeは、「iPhone」や「Apple Watch」と連携し、アプリ操作や「Siri」の音声コマンドで紐の締め具合を調整できるスニーカー「Adapt Huarache(アダプト ハラチ)」を発売した。

But Yes Tonight: Rock Icons Depeche Mode In Cinemas This November With ‘Spirits In The Forest’ - 09月20日(金)06:03 

One of the most successful global rock bands of the last three decades, Depeche Mode, along with Trafalgar Releasing, Sony Music Entertainment and BBH Entertainment, today announced the upcoming release of a new feature-length documentary and concert film, Spirits in the Forest.

3 Hiring Shortcuts That Put Your Company At Risk – And 3 To Consider Instead - 09月20日(金)03:00 

The competitive hiring landscape tempts employers to take shortcuts, but doing so could lead to countless risks and staggering financial consequences. Here are some of the biggest mistakes HR departments can make when trying to speed up their time to hire, and three strategies to consider instead.

These Two Essential Books Will Skyrocket Your Career Success - 09月20日(金)02:52 

The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch and The Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo are essential reading for career success. Although the books are very different from each other, they share a core idea -- doing more with less. Here's how these books could be a game-changer for your career.

Run the Numbers: Retailers Are Raising Wages for Seasonal Workers Amid Labor Shortage - 09月20日(金)01:14 

Run the Numbers, FN’s data column, unpacks the data that’s driving top retail trends in the industry. Amid a tightening labor market, retailers aiming to get ahead of the competition are rushing their search for holiday workers — and even hiking wages to win over qualified talent ahead of the crucial shopping season. According to a recent report from staffing startup Wonolo, business leaders and hiring managers have begun increasing their pay rates for gig workers, with companies offering an average of $15.19 per hour for the holidays — an 8% gain from last year’s hourly $14.44. The mos...more