ソニーのゲーミングギア「INZONE」がeスポーツチーム「Fnatic」と協業 - 06月06日(火)13:47 


10 Tips For Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone And Fueling Professional Development - 06月05日(月)21:15 

Professionals who actively seek to challenge themselves may be more likely to experience accelerated development and fulfillment in their careers.

中島健人、長かった「Sexy Zoneでずっと孤立していた時期」告白 - 06月04日(日)22:10 

アイドルグループ・Sexy Zoneの中島健人(29歳)が、6月3日に放送されたトーク番組「おかべろ」(関西テレビ)に出演。メンバーの菊池風磨(28歳)との“不仲説”や、グループで孤立していた時期について語った。

Pench Tiger Reserve starts dairy project in buffer zone of forest areas - 06月04日(日)12:22 

The Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra's Nagpur district has started a cooperative dairy project in its buffer zone to enhance the livelihood of people living there and reduce the pressure on the protected forest, officials said. Under the project, 40 high-yielding milch cattle have been distributed in Awaleghat, Makardhokda and Chargaon villages and a milk collection centre has been established at Awaleghat, a release by Pench tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, deputy director Prabhu Nath Shukla said on Saturday. Apart from helping the villagers earn more, the move is also aimed at stopping cattle f...more

PlayStation's gigantic Days of Play sale features deep discounts on PS Plus memberships, games, and gear - 06月03日(土)18:00 

UPDATE: Jun. 3, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT This list has been updated with the latest and greatest gaming deals across the internet. Featured picks: Best PlayStation deal PlayStation Plus (opens in a new tab) Save 25% on all 12-month memberships ...more

Grayzone points to new evidence in Nord Stream sabotage case - 06月06日(火)04:15 

A boot resembling those used by US and Ukrainian military divers has reportedly been found near the site A diving boot similar to those used by US and Ukrainian military divers has been found near one of the ruptured Nord Stream pipelines in the Swedish exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea, The Grayzone reported on Monday. A correspondent from the outlet took part in what was described as the first independent expedition to the site of the sabotage. The independent US media outlet published a video taken from an underwater drone showing an...more

Delhi-NCR hit by summer ozone crisis once again, shows CSE analysis - 06月05日(月)18:22 

The region in the grip of a multi-pollutant crisis and ground-level ozone has exceeded standards nearly on all days of March-April, says CSE

【アイドル】「すごくうれしかった!」元欅坂46長濱ねる(24)、フジ連続ドラマで初のヒロイン決定!Sexy Zone菊池風磨と新婚生活 - 06月04日(日)20:21  mnewsplus

Sexy Zoneの菊池風磨が主演、長濱ねるが連続ドラマのヒロインを初めて務めるドラマ「ウソ婚」が7月から「火ドラ★イレブン」枠(毎週火曜夜11:00-11:30、フジテレビ系)で放送される。 同作は、主人公が不器用ながらひたむきに奮闘する姿を描いた、ウソから始まるラブコメディー。 菊池はカンテレ・フジテレビ系連続ドラマ初主演であり、長濱とはドラマ初共演。 さらに、主題歌はSexy Zoneが歌う新曲に決定した(※タイトル未定)。 ■利害が一致し“新婚生活”がスタート 原作は、時名きうい氏による同名漫画。 電子雑誌「姉フレンド」...

Sexy Zone・菊池風磨、主演ドラマ『ウソ婚』で超モテ敏腕建築士「自分自身を“山田涼介”だと思って…」 - 06月04日(日)06:00 

Sexy Zoneの菊池風磨が主演を務めるドラマ『ウソ婚』(カンテレ・フジテレビ系、毎週火曜23:00~)が、7月から放送開始。菊池はカンテレ・フジテレビ系連続ドラマ初主演で、主題歌もSexy Zo…

Look: Loose horse interrupts school zone assessment in Saskatchewan - 06月03日(土)02:05 

The Canadian Automobile Association said a school zone assessment in Saskatchewan was interrupted by a loose horse that wandered into the street and halted traffic.