Debt mutual funds raise exposure to G-secs by 30% over the past year - 10月16日(土)05:50 

As of August, fund managers hold Rs 75,243 crore in CPs of NBFCs as against Rs 49,090 crore last year

Evergrande's $1.7 bn Hong Kong headquarters sale flops as buyer withdraws - 10月16日(土)05:42 

The collapse of the talks for the landmark building's sale is another setback for cash-strapped Evergrande

Look: Ohio farmers' 2,164-pound green squash sets world record - 10月16日(土)05:05 

A pair of Ohio farmers took their 2,164-pound green squash to a giant vegetable competition and walked away with a world record.

NCI's #AnnualPlan and Budget Proposal for 2023.. - 10月16日(土)03:56 

NCI's #AnnualPlan and Budget Proposal for 2023 proposes funding for innovative research across the #CancerResearch continuum and #ResearchWorkforce priorities that accelerate progress and serve the needs of all people with cancer and those at risk.

What It's Actually Like to Get a Vasectomy, According to Guys Who've Gotten Snipped - 10月16日(土)02:36 

We asked a bunch of dudes who have gotten vasectomies about making the decision, whether it hurts, and recovering with (possibly stoned) TV binges.

Square CEO Dorsey says looking to build a bitcoin mining system - tweet - 10月16日(土)05:49 

Fintech firm Square Inc Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said on Friday that the company is looking to build a bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon and open source for individuals as well as businesses."If we do this, we'd follow our hardware wallet model: build in the open in collaboration wi

Real money, fake beach: Investor executes a Facebook trade in virtual reality - 10月16日(土)05:17 

Inside Edge Capital Management founder Todd Gordon is so confident in Facebook's rebound that he's willing to put real money to work in a unique way.

Democratizing The Metaverse: One Vision Of An Accessible Future For AR, VR, Virtual Events, And More - 10月16日(土)04:11 

What if the metaverse is something that we’ve been living for decades already? Something that you can experience deeply when drinking from the firehose of a high-end VR headset and something that you can dip a toe in via a text-based interface?

This Authentic French Village In California Is Actually An Iconic Spa Retreat - 10月16日(土)03:40 

The famed Cal-A-Vie Health Spa near San Diego will launch new private villas to compliment their acclaimed wellness resort.

【アベノミクス悲報】日経新聞さん、未だに「分配より成長!成長して分配のためのパイを!」とか意味不明なことを言い出す - 10月16日(土)02:23  poverty

日本の年収、30年横ばい 新政権は分配へまず成長を 衆院選(31日投開票)に向けた論戦が本格的に始まった。経済政策での重要な論点は成長と格差是正のどちらに軸足を置くかだ。与野党は生まれた富をいかに「分配」するかを公約で競うが、日本の平均年収は横ばいが続く。格差よりも、まずは低成長を抜け出し、分配のためのパイを拡大するほうが優先度が高い。 https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOUA068F10W1A001C2000000/ ...