Square shares need to clear this one level to kick-start next leg of rally, chart suggests - 01月27日(月)22:31 

Square shares are breaking out of the box this month, but Craig Johnson of Piper Sandler needs to see the stock clear one key technical level to put his faith in the rally.

【NBA】全試合でコービー・ブライアント氏を追悼 鎮魂の「8秒&24秒」バイオレーションで哀悼の意を評す - 01月27日(月)18:06  mnewsplus

 ブライアント氏死去の一報はこの日、全米8カ所で行われたNBAの試合会場にも大きな衝撃を与えた。  コロラド州デンバーでのナゲッツ戦に臨んだロケッツのオースティン・リバース(27)は試合開始前の国歌斉唱の際に号泣。テキサス州サンアントニオで行われたスパーズ戦に出場した昨季王者のラプターズでは、主力ガードのカイル・ラウリー(33)が試合中に悲しみのあまり下をうつむいて動けなくなる場面もあった。  NBAではブライアント氏を追悼するため、全8試合で試合開始からボールを持った側がバックコートからフロントコー...

Nine years after Egyptian revolution started, Tahrir Square icon languishes in jail - 01月25日(土)22:09 

On January 25, 2011, demonstrations against police brutality to mark Egypt’s National Police Day, spiralled into what came to be called the Arab Spring. But nine years later, following a brutal crackdown by the Egyptian military, many icons of Cairo’s Tahrir Square uprising are facing police brutality in detention. FRANCE 24 met the family of a prominent activist behind bars.

GM prepares 75,000-square-foot North Carolina facility for motorsports magic - 01月25日(土)05:35 

Continue reading GM prepares 75,000-square-foot North Carolina facility for motorsports magic GM prepares 75,000-square-foot North Carolina facility for motorsports magic originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 24 Jan 2020 15:35:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink |  Email this |  Comments

The State of Hong Kong Retail Amid Raging Social Unrest - 01月25日(土)04:44 

Waning tourism and foot traffic as a result of protracted pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are forcing many brands and retailers doing business in the area to question their next steps. Some fashion houses including Prada and Louis Vuitton have reportedly considered closing their stores in the area, potentially overhauling the retail landscape of famed Hong Kong shopping thoroughfares like Causeway Bay. “We see that luxury brands, as well as many retailers currently in Hong Kong, are consolidating their footprint in the city by relocating shops to more strategic locations and downsizi...more

Quarter-final Preview: Federer & Sandgren Square Off In Melbourne - 01月27日(月)20:45 

Having already completed an improbable run to the Australian Open quarter-finals two years ago, Tennys Sandgren proved he’s not a one-hit wonder with his latest effort to reach the last eight in Melbourne. But if the American is to achieve his maiden Grand Slam semi-final, he’ll need to tackle third-seeded Swiss Roger Federer when they meet on Tuesday. “I wonder why he's not ranked higher, to be honest,” Federer said. “Every time I see him play, I feel like he plays very well. He's got a lot of stuff in his game that he's deserving of being higher.” The 38-y...more

Iraqi security forces raid protest camps after Sadr supporters withdraw - 01月25日(土)22:53 

Iraqi security forces raided Baghdad's main protest site at Tahrir Square on Saturday and tried to clear protesters in southern cities, firing tear gas and bullets that wounded more than 30 people, Reuters reporters and medical sources said.

Iraqi security forces raid Baghdad's main protest camp, shoot at demonstrators - 01月25日(土)19:44 

Iraqi security forces raided Baghdad's main protest site at Tahrir Square on Saturday, firing live rounds and tear gas at anti-government demonstrators who have camped out there for months, Reuters reporters said.

Follow live: Bucks, Hornets square off in Paris - 01月25日(土)04:54 

Get a summary of the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Charlotte Hornets basketball game

Review: ‘Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’ Is for Hardcore DBZ Fans Only - 01月25日(土)00:45 

I’ve been a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z since the mid-’90s. My friends and I would go to Flushing Main St. in Queens, NY and buy third or fourth generation bootleg VHS tapes to watch the series and its movies. Though edited for content, watching the English translation from Ocean Studios was a lot of fun too. While there are many objectively better anime out there, I still highly enjoy and adore DBZ because of the simplistic (and nostalgic) joy it provides. Yes, I’m a fan of DBZ but I can’t say I’ve ever cared for its many video game adaptations. Most have been fighting...more