History-making American judge dies - 12月02日(土)06:05 

Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to serve on the US Supreme Court, has passed away at 93 Retired US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to serve on the nation’s highest judicial panel, has died at age 93 from complications related to dementia and a respiratory illness. O’Connor, who retired in 2006 after working more than 24 years on the high court, passed away on Friday morning at her home in Phoenix, the court said in a statement. She was appointed to the bench in 1981 by then-President Ronald Reag...more

Are you looking to opt out of your 401(k)? Your employer may put you back in - 12月02日(土)05:13 

More companies are doing 401(k) "reenrollments" every year. Workers who elected not to participate may have to opt out again.

Watch out Apple, Google! Xbox ‘actively working on’ new mobile app store - 12月02日(土)02:19 

Xbox bought Call of Duty, and now, it wants even more of the gaming business in its back pocket.Bloomberg reported that the major console manufacturer is looking to expand into the realm of mobile gaming, specifically by launching its own mobile game storefront à la the App Store or Play Store. This isn't based on anonymous sources, either; Xbox head Phil Spencer said it entirely out loud at the CCXP comics convention in Sao Paulo. SEE ALSO: Xbox Series X vs S: What are the differences? “It’s an important part of our s...more

Sacramento Kings’ Trey Lyles Posts His Los Angeles Retreat For $5.9 Million - 12月02日(土)01:30 

Located at 4778 Zelzah Avenue, the nearly half-acre property sits south of Ventura Boulevard on the western end of Encino.

Fantasy football rankings: DeVonta Smith among 5 must-start WRs in Week 13 - 12月02日(土)00:09 

DeVonta Smith is among UPI senior sports writer Alex Butler's five must-start wide receivers for Week 13 of the fantasy football season.

What Is Mycoplasma Pneumonia? Dubbed ‘Walking Pneumonia’ Or ‘White Lung Pneumonia’ And Linked To Pediatric Outbreaks In Ohio And Massachusetts - 12月02日(土)05:52 

Mycoplasma pneumonia infections are typically mild, affect children and young adults, and usually occur during late summer or the fall.

The Best Packing Cubes That Maximize Suitcase Space - 12月02日(土)04:34 

Heading on a trip? Packing cubes keep your things organized while maximizing suitcase space. Here are the best packing cubes for your travels, wherever they take you.

Making A Large Language Model Transparent, Compliant And Reliable - 12月02日(土)01:30 

LLMs are a powerful and game-changing technology, but they can complement, rather than replace, expert-based decisioning solutions.

Roc Nation Is Culture-Setting And Change-Making - 12月02日(土)01:00 

Dania Diaz of Roc Nation and the Shawn Carter Foundation is harnessing business, culture, and humanity in the pursuit of justice.

Revenue-Based Financing Vs. Traditional Venture Debt: Unpacking The Distinctions - 12月02日(土)00:00 

As businesses look to finance their next funding rounds to bring about greater company expansion, two instruments have garnered significant attention.