It's time to grow up and move on in 'On My Block' Season 4 - 10月04日(月)22:47 

Four years ago, Netflix introduced a roster of promising new projects starring mostly unknown talent. These included a dubious Queer Eye reboot starring five guys no one had heard of and a quirky teen comedy called On My Block.A challenging mix of comedy and drama set in a fictitious but unsafe Los Angeles neighborhood, On My Block wore its humor and heart on its sleeve from the first episode. Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Genao), Monse (Sierra Capri), and Jamal (Brett Gray) endeared themselves to viewers immediately, inviting us into Freeridge and their unique adolescent experience.Four y...more

10 of the best '80s sitcoms on Amazon Prime - 10月04日(月)08:00 

According to trend forecasters, the ‘90s are back, but anyone who was old enough to beg their mom for a pair of JNCOs knows ‘80s sitcoms are far better at offering a soothing respite from the world of today’s 24/7 news cycle and (honestly? Kind of stressful!) prestige television. Thankfully, Amazon Prime has a choice selection of frothy, fast-paced comedies whose characters usually solve their problems in 30 minutes or less, whether they’re coping with the everyday drain of gentrification, adjusting to college life, dealing with seriously weird workplaces, or simply con...more

Best '90s shows and movies on Disney+ - 10月02日(土)06:00 

If you were born in the last five years, you might think Disney means Marvel or Star Wars. You also shouldn’t be reading this list because you are five and probably getting jelly all over your mom’s tablet. Also, go outside! The world is beautiful and yours to explore!Everyone older than five, stay where you are, because the world is a fire pit and we’re just riding out the ashes. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have joy! For many of us, Disney has meant optimism, or quality family TV, or a high probability for a fun animal sidekick. All good things. Things ...more

Netflix's 'On My Block' is back for Season 4. Here's a little preview of what to expect. - 10月04日(月)21:36 

Well, the final season of On My Block is here. We've been through so much with the squad, and can never listen to DeJ Loaf's "Changes" ever again. With Season 4 landing on Netflix on Monday, the streaming service released a handy clip to give you a little catch-up of where we left off and a preview of what's to come. Spoiler alert, for anyone who doesn't want to know what's next for Monse, Ruby, Jamal, Cesar, and Jasmine before they watch it.On My Block Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.Want more?15 perfect Netflix soundtracks to stream right now'On My Block' Season 3 leads you and the squa...more

「Mr. CHEESECAKE」が全国8ヵ所でポップアップストアを開催! - 10月02日(土)17:00 

あの“人生最高のチーズケーキ”でお馴染みのチーズケーキブランド「Mr. CHEESECAKE」が全国8ヵ所でポップアップストアを開催する。今回は、過去に好評だった大阪、京都に加え、北海道、愛知、兵庫、広島、福岡、大分にも初進出。順次オープンしていくという。各店頭には、通常商品である「Mr. CHEESECAKE with Cooler Bag」(税込3456円)だけでなく、今夏限定のジャスミンティーに桃とバニラを組み合わせた「Mr. CHEESECAKE Royal Jasmine」(税込5400円)と、半発酵のほうじ茶とトロピカルフルーツなどを組み合わせた「Mr. CHEESECAKE UN ÉTÉ mango passion」(税込5400円)といったスペシャルフレーバーもラインナップ。それぞれ数量限定で販売し、一部店舗では今秋登場予定の秋限定フレーバーも先行販売するそうだ。普段はオンラインでしか手に入れられない逸品を実際にお店で買えるうれしいチャンス。好物!という方はもちろん、気になっていた!という人もこの機会にぜひ。口福な時間が待っていること間違いなし!『Mr. CHEESECAKE YOUR CITY』■アミュプラザおおいた【開催期間】9月22日(水)〜9月28日(火)【開催場所】大分県大分市要町1-14 1階 みのりみ...more

For Shoba Narayan, Playing Princess Jasmine Is About Honoring Brown Girls Like Her - 09月25日(土)06:00 

As a kid, Shoba Narayan was told she would never be a star because of her skin color. Now she’s reopening Broadway as a Disney princess.