Why teachers want the next DepEd secretary to stay above politics - 06月20日(木)17:27 

Teachers have rallied behind the call for the next Department of Education secretary to be capable of rising above the political fray to make education reforms work — which one political science professor said has been difficult under the “divisive” term of outgoing education secretary Sara Duterte. 

『ENHYPENのANNX』福岡で番組初の公開収録を実施&レポート到着、当日の模様は7/29深夜OA - 06月20日(木)14:10 


フェアリーよりオンデマンド楽譜『I wonder/Da-iCE』『夢幻/MY FIRST STORY×HYDE』のバンドスコア、『MIRROR/Ado』のピアノソロ譜・ピアノ&ヴォーカル譜が発売 - 06月20日(木)13:00 

ピース楽譜を専門に手掛ける株式会社フェアリー(東京都台東区)は、受注生産型商品<オンデマンド楽譜>の新刊を発売した。『I wonder/Da-iCE (バンドスコア)[LBS2573]大型(A4判)』下記webサイトよりお取り寄せ、またはダウンロード楽譜としてご購入できます。http://fairysite.com/fairy/include/shousai.jsp?id=LBS2573<楽譜概要>「I wonder/Da-iCE 」のピース楽譜です。[バンドスコアを収録]生見愛瑠主演 TBS系 火曜ドラマ『くるり~誰が私と恋をした?~』主題歌キー:F(シャープ)パート:Vo.&Cho./ Key.1/ Key.2/ Key.3/ A.G./ E.G./ E.B.(5strings Bass)/ Drs.&Perc.プラスチックリングによるファイル型製本なので、勝手に閉じてしまうことも無く見やすく使いやすい楽譜です。【定価】780円(税別)  【判型・ページ数】A4・12ページ【発売日】2024年6月15日  【発売】全国楽器店・書店『夢幻/MY FIRST STORY × HYDE (バンドスコア)[LBS2574]大型(A4判)』下記webサイトよりお取り寄せ、またはダウンロード楽譜としてご購入できます。http://fairysite.com/fairy/include/sh...more

By Malene Birger Opens A Pop Store In Hydra This Summer - 06月20日(木)10:24 

Just this month, Danish womenswear label, By Malene Birger announced that it would open a high summer pop up on the bohemian Greek Island of Hydra.”

Climate Conversations Podcast: Why are extinct species coming back in Singapore? - 06月20日(木)08:19 

For a long time, experts thought some endemic creatures had became extinct. Experts explain why some primate and bird species have been showing up.

PQShield secures $37M more for ‘quantum resistant’ cryptography - 06月20日(木)16:22 

Malicious hacking is getting increasingly sophisticated, and that’s leading to a very clear trend in security technology. To keep people and organizations safe, security also has to continue advancing its own complexity.  Security startup PQShield has gotten an early start on that concept with a focus on “post-quantum” cryptography: software and hardware solutions that, in […] © 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

NewJeans東京ドーム公演は5人全員参加、リハビリ中のHYEINも出演決定 - 06月20日(木)13:07 

NewJeansのHYEINが、6月26、27日に東京・東京ドームで行われる初の単独来日公演「NewJeans Fan Meeting 'Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome'」に出演することが明らかになった。

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini コレクション - 06月20日(木)11:21 

「フィロソフィ ディ ロレンツォ セラフィニ(Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini)」の2025年リゾートコレクション。 このコンテンツは FASHIONSNAP が配信しています。

David Hyde Pierce On Kelsey Grammer: He’s ‘One Of The Finest Actors I’ve Ever Worked With’ - 06月20日(木)08:54 

"The Exorcism" star David Hyde Pierce has been around self-possessed actors before but he's happy to say that his "Frasier" co-star Kelsey Grammer is not one of them.

Takashi Iizuka Explains Why Shadow Has New Powers In Sonic X Shadow Generations - 06月20日(木)04:17 

The release of Sonic Generations in 2011 gave players a series-wide greatest hits remake package to celebrate 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog. Though other characters appeared in Sonic Generations, Sonic – in both his Classic and Modern forms – was the sole playable character. Now, 13 years later, the well-liked celebratory release returns as the latest Sonic remaster, but it's not simply the same package with performance enhancements. Sure, those are there, but perhaps the biggest selling point is the inclusion of Shadow the Hedgehog as a playable character.  But Shadow is much more than a re...more