Citrix And People.ai Product Launches Showcase How AI Enables A Better Future Of Work - 05月23日(木)01:08 

AI changes every application. The latest product innovations from Citrix and startup People.ai, demonstrate how AI creates frictionless systems that help employees access and act on critical information.

ASUS、2連ファンを搭載した「STRIX」ブランドのGeForce GTX 1650カード - 05月17日(金)18:40 

ASUS JAPANは5月17日、NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650を搭載したグラフィックスカード「ROG-STRIX-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING」を発売した。店頭予想価格は税込28,000円前後。

ウイングブレードファンとDirectCU IIで放熱効果を高めた、Aura Sync対応ビデオカード「ROG-STRIX-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING」を発表 - 05月16日(木)10:00 

[ASUS JAPAN株式会社] ■ ROG-STRIX-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING [画像1: https://prtimes.jp/i/17808/254/resize/d17808-254-147678-0.jpg ] [画像2: https://prtimes.jp/i/17808/254/resize/d17808-254-811935-1.jpg ] [画像3: https://prt...

Duterte vouches for conspiracy 'matrix', hints at wiretaps - 05月13日(月)20:28 

“The matrix is true, also that on ‘Bikoy,’” Duterte told reporters in a mix of English and Filipino, in a chance interview after he cast his vote in Davao City.

Duterte cool to raps vs those in Bikoy matrix - 05月10日(金)01:00 

Believing that the truth will come out over accusations that he and his family are receiving payoffs from drug traffickers, President Duterte has expressed no interest in filing charges against personalities who have allegedly conspired to bring him down.

Agent Jones in 'The Matrix' 'Memba Him?! - 05月22日(水)16:01 

Australian actor Robert Taylor made his big screen debut as the dangerous sentient Agent Jones -- who is the first to be seen dodging bullets in slow motion in the rooftop fight scene -- in the action packed 1999 future film, "The Matrix." …

ASUS,Aura Sync対応LEDを備えたOC仕様のGTX 1650搭載カードを発売 - 05月16日(木)13:08 

ROG-STRIX-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING配信元ASUS JAPAN配信日2019/05/16<以下,メーカー発表文の内容をそのまま掲載しています>ウイングブレードファンとDirectCU IIで放熱効果を高めた、Aura Sync対応ビデオカード「ROG-STRIX-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING」を発表ASUS JAPAN株式会社は、ウイングブレードファンとDirectCU…

Watch: Florida Man Hilariously Dodges Lovebugs With ‘The Matrix’ Moves - 05月15日(水)03:53 

As millions of pesky lovebugs swarm Florida, residents are trying to cope with the invasion in both practical and hilarious ways. One Florida man is seen in a viral video using some semi-acrobatic […] The post Watch: Florida Man Hilariously Dodges Lovebugs With ‘The Matrix’ Moves appeared first on Geek.com.

Panelo blames media for noting Diaz, Ho inclusion in Palace's latest 'matrix' - 05月10日(金)18:55 

Panelo lamented that “some media outfits have put a spin on the Oust Duterte Matrix by instantly assuming and zeroing in on the supposed inclusion and participation” of Ho and Diaz.