#BREAKING Trump calls for Lebanon to hold 'tra.. - 08月10日(月)01:00 

#BREAKING Trump calls for Lebanon to hold 'transparent investigation' into blast

BS3 アニソンップレミアム 井口ZAQnonoc他 - 08月09日(日)22:51  livejupiter

相良がブスじゃなくなってる ...

Lebanon minister resigns amid amid blast investigation - 08月09日(日)21:46 

Lebanon information minister Manal Abdel Samad announced her resignation Sunday amid calls for change after a blast in Beirut that has killed more than 150 people and injured 6,000.

Lebanon information minister resigns over Beirut blast - 08月09日(日)18:20 

A number of MPs also submitted their resignations a day earlier due to the explosions.

France's Macron to host donor conference for blast-stricken Lebanon - 08月09日(日)17:25 

French President Emmanuel Macron will host U.S. President Donald Trump and other political leaders on Sunday for a U.N.-endorsed donors' conference by video to raise emergency relief for Lebanon following this week's massive explosion in Beirut.

Qatar emir says Beirut blast is extreme, Lebanon can't recover on its own - 08月09日(日)23:55 

The emir of energy-rich Qatar has said that the Beirut blast is a dire circumstance that Lebanon cannot get over on its own.

Lebanon's future at stake: French president tells donor conference - 08月09日(日)22:28 

Lebanon's debt-laden economy was already mired in crisis and reeling from the coronavirus pandemic before the port explosion, which killed 158 people

Travellers from Lebanon welcomed with roses in Dubai - 08月09日(日)21:40 

The touching gesture moved a number of travellers to tears, with some giving salutes to the officers at Dubai International Airport.

#BREAKING Lebanon information minister quits i.. - 08月09日(日)18:19 

#BREAKING Lebanon information minister quits in first govt resignation over blast

First Trip After Lockdown? Go To A Non-Existent Nation - 08月09日(日)17:00 

For anyone planning a trip, maybe it should be to a 1000-year-old empire which no longer exists? Or better yet, head to somewhere that has technically never existed, a breakaway state or a micro-nation–one that doesn’t have UN recognition, from where you can collect stamps but can’t send postcards.