Delta’s “Carbon Neutrality” News May Win Points With The Environmental Crowd, But There Less To It Than Meets The Eye - 02月18日(火)21:00 

There are only three viable paths toward carbon neutrality for airlines. And no, switching to electric-powered planes is not one of those viable paths.

Espenido says inclusion in 'narcolist' may be 'failure of intelligence' - 02月18日(火)18:43 

Talk of the supposed coddling of erring cops came after reports that officer Jovie Espenido, who once received a medal for his participation in President Rodrigo Duterte's 'war on drugs,' was included among 357 other police officers who were suspected of having ties to illegal drugs after being included in the President's narco-list.

When animosity can wait: Pakistan may import anti-locust chemicals from India after UN issues 'TWIN INVASION' alert - report - 02月18日(火)15:51 

Hit by a massive locust invasion, Pakistan is likely to purchase crucial insecticides from arch-foe India in order to deal with the emergency, bypassing its own ban on trade with New Delhi. Pakistan is facing an overwhelming locust attack, with swarms of the insects already descending on crops in Punjab, the country's agricultural heartland. The invasion is expected to reach its climax in June and July, but the government wants to be in control of the situation by that time. Read more India, Pakistan shoul...more

Theresa May inspires women to believe in themselves - 02月18日(火)09:01 

She said when she and other female colleagues had to fight for a seat in the parliament and did not get selected.

Coronavirus: HK may see biggest ever budget deficit next financial year amid ‘tsunami-scale blow’ caused by public health crisis, finance chief warns - 02月18日(火)08:02 

Intellasia East Asia News Hong Kong is likely to see its biggest ever budget deficit in the next financial year in the face of a “tsunami-scale” blow dealt by the coronavirus outbreak after months of social unrest pushed the city into recession, the financial secretary has warned. Paul Chan Mo-po said the city could remain in the red for […]

This May Shock You: The Electoral College Is Essential For Our Politics - 02月18日(火)20:00 

If you think U.S. politics is bad now, consider the disasters that would unfold without the electoral college.

Fukushima staff may be forced to use raincoats as COVID-19 threatens gear production - 02月18日(火)16:52 

Workers at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant may need to wear plastic raincoats as the coronavirus outbreak threatens production of protective suits in China, the operator warned on Tuesday.

'From bad to worse' - Dashed hopes may deter many Iranians from polls - 02月18日(火)14:09 

Confrontation with America, economic hardship and an airline tragedy have battered Iranians' confidence in their leaders, posing a potential problem for the authorities in a parliamentary election this week.

Trump administration may stop exporting engines co-manufactured by GE to China, WSJ says - 02月18日(火)08:02 

Intellasia East Asia News The Trump administration may stop exporting jet engines manufactured partly by general Electric to China for the country’s airliner, over fears that the Chinese could mimic the production techniques, The Wall Street Journal reported. The White House is considering a proposal to decline a license allowing CFM International, a joint venture of GE and France’s […]

Russian artist faces judge over sex tape that ended Macron ally's Paris mayoral bid - 02月18日(火)05:39 

A Russian artist and his girlfriend will face a French judge Tuesday on charges of invasion of privacy and publishing images of a sexual nature without consent after releasing a sex video that prompted Benjamin Griveaux to pull out of the race to be Paris mayor.