【ライブレポート】Chara、生誕52周年ライブでHIMI&SUMIREや木村カエラもお祝い - 01月27日(月)19:41 

Charaが1月22日(水)及び23日(木)の2日間にわたり、東京・恵比寿LIQUID ROOMにてワンマンライブ<Chara Birthday Live 2020>を開催した。2021年でキャリア30周年を迎える...

蔦谷好位置プロジェクト=KERENMI、1stアルバムにヒゲダン藤原/ミセス大森/Charaら参加 - 01月27日(月)11:00 


Adam Driver gets really serious about his character at Medieval Times on 'SNL' - 01月26日(日)23:06 

It's always great to see a professional actor chew scenery as if it's an audition for William Shakespeare himself. And who's a better choice to get super, over-the-top serious than Saturday Night Live guest host Adam Driver. In this sketch, Driver is a performer at New Jersey's Medieval Times restaurant, but he thinks he's William Wallace in Braveheart. He's also kind of racist? And a dick in general? But it's all right because he's taking an acting class. This sketch is great. Driver's clearly having a blast. Read more... More about Saturday Night Live, Adam Driver, Medieval Times, Entertainm...more

'Mulan' cast is introduced in a 'sharp' set of new character posters - 01月26日(日)04:01 

Disney's live-action Mulan is almost here, but there's no wait at all to check out these new looks. The fresh collection of "character posters" that Disney released on Saturday highlights six of the movie's stars. And in a fun twist, everyone gets a blade!  If you were worried that the upcoming remake would fall short on the action front, then... well, you probably haven't seen any of the trailers. But these posters gives sharp weapons central billing alongside each of the stars, in case you still had concerns. The posters showcase Yifei Liu (Mulan), Donnie Yen (Commander Tung), Gong Li (...more

1966 or 1991? Two lessons from history for FM Sitharaman before Budget - 01月25日(土)12:57 

The 1991 budget freed businesses from random, illogical productive controls. Exactly opposite of what happened in 1966.

声優パソコンのオリジナルキャラクターシリーズ「Type:YOU Character」第4弾は、古川慎が演じる七瀬ハヤト (イラストレーター:しろくま)! 1月27日よりスマッシュコア、アニメイトオンラインショップで同時受注開始! - 01月27日(月)12:00 

■オンリーワンPCストア【スマッシュコア】 https://www.smashcore.com/type_you_cc4.html ■アニメイトオンラインショップ https://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/animetitle/index.php?aid=6044&nf=1&kw=Type%3AYOU&spc=&scc=&ss=8&sl=0&nd%5B%5D=7 株式会社スマッシュコア エンターテインメント (本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役:福池 功) は、自社が運営する「オンリーワンPCストア【スマッ...

Zimbabwe's Jarvis misses out on second Sri Lanka test - 01月27日(月)07:25 

HARARE: Zimbabwe seamer Kyle Jarvis has been ruled out of the second test against Sri Lanka, starting on Monday at Harare Sports Club, after suffering a lower back injury in the first test. He underwent an MRI scan on Saturday that confirmed a disc bulge, officials said on Sunday. Jarvis, who ...

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Retailers, mall owners at loggerheads over Maharashtra govt's 24X7 policy - 01月25日(土)23:55 

Many say they will need to study the feasibility of the exercise before implementation

‘Apex Legends’ Reveals New Season 4 Character ‘Forge’ An MMA Champion - 01月24日(金)22:00 

Apex Legends' newest character is an MMA fighter named Forge. He'll be added to the game in Season 4 next month.