【元安倍首相のブレーン・藤井聡】『「消費税ゼロ』しかないと断言 - 03月30日(月)04:06  newsplus

*画像はサービスです  新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大に伴う「コロナ・ショック」。その経済損失は、自動車を中心に対米輸出は60%減少、不況はあらゆる産業分野に広がって倒産件数は1万5646件(2008年)にのぼったリーマン・ショック時を超えるとまでいわれている。政権中枢から消費税引き下げ論が出るなか、安倍晋三・首相のかつての経済ブレーンは「引き下げではなくゼロにすべき」と提言する。 【画像】「消費税3%」で建てられた58億円ホテル、今は廃墟  安倍首相は「経済をV字回復させなければならない」と緊急経済対策...

Governments, central banks must boost efforts to help economies cope with crisis: BIS - 03月30日(月)02:55 

LONDON: Governments and central banks need to step up efforts urgently to support their economies in the face of the coronavirus crisis, the head of the Bank for International Settlements said on Sunday (Mar 29). General Manager Agustín Carstens, who heads the BIS - an umbrella group for the ...

C4 Enquire On Debt Contingency Plan Due To Pandemic - 03月30日(月)02:14 

Major U. K. broadcaster Channel 4 has opened communication lines with the government on potentially accessing a £75 million ($93 million) revolving debt facility for the first time ever if the Coronavirus pandemic significantly impacts advertising revenue.

Covid-19: Migration should stop in 2-3 days, says NDRF's Satya Pradhan - 03月30日(月)02:02 

Director General of the NDRF, tells Subhomoy Bhattacharjee how his team is dealing with the situation

2 PGH wards converted into COVID-19 referral center - 03月30日(月)01:00 

The retrofitting of two wards at the Philippine General Hospital to be used as a referral center for the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 has been completed.

2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Test Drive And Review: Regeneration - 03月30日(月)03:37 

No longer a floaty flier, Avalon is now a connected conveyance.

A petition for financial emergency - 03月30日(月)02:47 

The key issue in a financial emergency is the provision for govt employees' salary cut

US forces pack up and leave Kirkuk airbase… but pulling out of Iraq still off the table - 03月30日(月)02:11 

US and coalition troops have left an airbase in Kirkuk, Iraq, and given a million dollars worth of equipment to Iraqi security forces. However, the full-scale withdrawal demanded by the Iraqi government has still some way to go. With the Covid-19 pandemic grabbing headlines at home, US forces in Iraq have been engaged in a quiet retreat abroad. Despite President Donald Trump’s insistence on leaving troops in Iraq following a series of clashes with Iranian-backed militias, coalition forces have withdrawn from three bases in the country this month. The third wit...more

US military should fight coronavirus at home, not stage ‘Hollywood scenarios’ in other countries – IRGC chief - 03月30日(月)01:17 

The head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards has advised the US to focus on the epidemic at home instead of trying to undermine Tehran, as the strife between two nations persists, despite each having been hit hard by Covid-19. The American leadership should “really care about the lives of their people in New York and the states involved with coronavirus rather than thinking about Hollywood scenarios and killing people in Iraq,” Major General Hossein Salami, Chief Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), pointed out. He was re...more

Power generators shut capacity as Covid-19 hits demand, upends normal life - 03月30日(月)00:38 

State entities shutting costlier units and turning to short-term power purchase