The Challenges Of Remaking A Classic Like Resident Evil 2 - 06月25日(月)01:00 

We've known about the Resident Evil 2 remake for a long time. Although it was announced in late 2015 by producer Yoshiaki "H" Hirabayashi, the survival horror remake was kept under wraps until E3 2018. During Sony's press conference, Capcom debuted the first gameplay trailer, finally giving us a glimpse at how it'll look and play. And better yet, we got a release date: January 29, 2019.The excitement of seeing familiar characters and locales recreated with modern visuals was only elevated after our time spent playing a demo at E3. Resident Evil 2 Remake feels like it respects the nostalgia fan...more

Report: Milos Teodosic Opts in to Clippers Contract Worth $6.3M - 06月25日(月)00:51 

Milos Teodosic is going to remain with the Los Angeles Clippers after opting in to the second year of his contract. Per Yahoo Sports' Shams Charania , Teodosic exercised his $6...

10 Things To Know About Halle Champion Borna Coric - 06月25日(月)00:30 

Borna Coric won the biggest title of his career on Sunday, beating No. 1 Roger Federer 7-6(6), 3-6, 6-2 at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle. Here are 10 things to know about the 21-year-old who denied Federer his 10th Halle title. 1. Twice an ATP World Tour champion Coric hoisted his second ATP World Tour title in Halle. The Croatian won the Grand Prix Hassan II in Marrakech in April 2017 for his maiden title. Coric saved five match points against German Philipp Kohlschreiber in the title match. 2. Big-Match Borna He improved to 6-13 against Top 5 players with his win against Federer. Coric also ...more

The World's Ugliest Dog contest crowns its latest, absolutely PRECIOUS winner - 06月24日(日)23:52 

All dogs are good dogs. But all dogs are not beautiful dogs (on the outside, at least). The World's Ugliest Dog competition brought its annual show to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in California on Saturday night. And the precious angel you see pictured above, a 9-year-old English bulldog named Zsa Zsa, was chosen by a panel of judges as the contest's latest winner. SEE ALSO: Very good doggo interrupts minor league baseball game for some fetch Zsa Zsa and her owner, Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, get to take home a $1,500 prize. Here's what our winning pup's profile had to say about her li...more

サッカー日本代表 第2戦の先発メンバーは初戦と同じ - 06月24日(日)23:10  news

サッカーワールドカップ ロシア大会、日本代表の1次リーグ第2戦、セネガル戦の先発メンバーが発表され、初戦のコロンビア戦と同じ顔ぶれとなりました。 ゴールキーパーはフランス1部リーグ、メッスの川島永嗣選手です。 ディフェンダーは4人です。 トルコ1部リーグ、ガラタサライの長友佑都選手。 イングランドプレミアリーグ、サウサンプトンの吉田麻也選手。 フランス1部リーグ、マルセイユの酒井宏樹選手。 鹿島アントラーズの昌子源選手です。 ミッドフィルダーは5人です。 ドイツ1部リーグ、フランクフルトの...

Alec Baldwin Creepily Invites Melania Trump to 'SNL' and Promises Her Redemption - 06月25日(月)00:54 

Alec Baldwin tweeted a strange invitation for Melania Trump to join him on 'SNL' and it's already exhausting.

Spheroが音楽教育スタートアップを買収 - 06月25日(月)00:42 

Spheroの教育分野への方向展開が、初期段階の今どのように進んでいるのかを正確に述べるのは難しいが、同社は最近資金調達を行い、既に新しいスタートアップたちを買収している。このBB-8の玩具で有名になったメーカーは、本日(米国時間6月22日)の朝、Specdrumsを買収したことを発表した。Specdrumsはコロラド州ボルダーのスタートアップで、指輪に接続したアプリを用いて音楽を作成できるプロジェクトでKickstarterを成功させた。 一見したところ、それは奇妙な組み合わせだが、Spheroは明らかにSpecdrumsが持つウェアラブル技術を、新しいSTEAM(科学/技術/工学/芸術/数学)教育への注力に向けての力強い援軍だと考えている。 「私たちは音楽演奏が素晴らしい教師だと確信しています。Specdrumsの追加によって、私たちは製品ロードマップの中のSTEAMの”A”を強化しています」とSpheroのCEO、Paul Berberianはニュースに関連したプレスリリースで述べている。「Spheroの持つ基盤と、Specdrumsの創業者たちがすでに完成させた基礎によって、教室やそれ以外の場所で、好奇心を大いに触発し続ける大きなチャンスを手にできたと考えています」。 We're stoked to announce the additi...more

New Study Finds Climate-Based Shareholder Resolutions Have No Impact - 06月25日(月)00:20 

Climate change-based shareholder resolutions are always accompanied by heated rhetoric from both sides of the debate. But a new study finds that, in terms of companies' bottom lines, they have no measurable impact at all.

Hermès Rejuvenates Its Codes - 06月24日(日)23:20 

This season, Veronique Nichanian’s high-craft twist on the classics felt fresh, rather than forced, thanks to the energy and appeal of colourful parkas and elasticated-cuff trousers.

How Daily Harvest's Founder Is Disrupting The Frozen Food Industry - 06月24日(日)23:00 

Daily Harvest launched in 2015 and each recipe is co-designed by a Michelin-trained chef and nutritionist, blending farm-frozen produce with superfoods. By partnering directly with organic farms, Daily Harvest is able to harvest produce at peak ripeness and freeze it on-site to lock in nutrients.