Pure Storage Beats The Odds, Again - 12月03日(木)03:36 

Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Steve McDowell dives deeper as Pure Storage pre-announced its top-line $410M in revenue earlier this month when it announced the arrival of its new sales chief Dominick Delfino.

Noble House Prepared: New Home-Delivery Gourmet Meal Service Available Nationwide - 12月03日(木)03:35 

If you’re fed up with cooking but are keen to enjoy restaurant-quality food without having to leave home or wanting to send a special meal to someone who is self-isolating, this new gourmet meal service is an excellent option.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha survived.. - 12月03日(木)03:08 

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha survived a legal challenge over his living arrangements that could have seen him thrown out of office, in a court ruling that prompted anger among thousands of pro-democracy protesters

CH-53K King Stallion helicopter simulator is ready for training - 12月03日(木)03:06 

U.S. Marine Corps training devices simulating CH-53K heavy lift helicopters are ready for use, manufacturer Lockheed Martin announced on Wednesday.

SpiceJet partners cold-chain solution firms for Covid-19 vaccine transport - 12月03日(木)02:58 

It is also leasing wide-body A340 planes, which have allowed it to expand its reach

White House refuses to say Trump has faith in Attorney General William Barr - 12月03日(木)03:36 

Attorney General William Barr has said there is no signficant evidence that President Trump lost the election to Joe Biden because of voting fraud.

Qualcomm Details Impressive Snapdragon 888 5G Performance And Experience Gains - 12月03日(木)03:29 

Citing significant gains for user experiences in the areas of AI, computational photography, gaming and connectivity, the company claims Snapdragon 888 5G will provide a huge generational lift in performance for premium mobile devices.

: Google wrongfully terminated employees and spied on them, NLRB complaint says - 12月03日(木)03:07 

National Labor Relations Board is set to file a complaint against tech giant, finding it violated various labor laws.

Thailand's prime minister acquitted amid calls for resignation - 12月03日(木)03:06 

Thailand's prime minister has been acquitted of violating the Constitution amid accusations of abuse of power and calls for his resignation.

WHO says Covid vaccine approval is like arriving at base camp: 'We still have to climb the mountain' - 12月03日(木)02:57 

"We need to develop more vaccines," WHO's Dr. Mike Ryan said. "We need to increase production. We need to pull the price down."