Sesame Street's latest muppet has a mum struggling with addiction - 10月11日(金)12:20 

The children's show is tackling the issue of parental drug and alcohol abuse in a series of online episodes. In one, Karli tells her friends that her mum "needs help learning to take better care of herself."  

Demi Lovato mourns friend's death: 'Addiction is NO joke' - 10月11日(金)01:41 

Demi Lovato urged people to seek help after her friend Thomas died following a battle with addiction.

Watch: 'Sesame Street' tackles addiction with new Karli character - 10月11日(金)00:24 

"Sesame Street" has started to a new initiative to tackle the subject of parental addiction through the use of a new Muppet character named Karli.

In Morocco, heroin addiction sweeps cannabis corridor - 10月06日(日)16:44 

In a filthy squat in a beach town in northern Morocco, drug users inject and smoke heroin, a relatively recent scourge plaguing a region long known for cannabis and contraband.

Long drive times in rural areas may be a barrier to opioid addiction treatment - 10月02日(水)03:56 

Drive times to opioid treatment programs may be as much as six times longer in rural U.S. counties compared to urban ones, researchers report. In a study that looked at drive times to opioid treatment programs in urban and rural counties in the five states with the highest rates of opioid-related ...

Commentary: Shopping addiction is a serious disorder - 10月11日(金)07:30 

But it is difficult to diagnose because people have symptoms of other disorders, such as eating disorders and substance abuse, says Cathrine Jansson-Boyd.

'Sesame Street' takes on addiction with the help of a green Muppet named Karli - 10月11日(金)01:04 

Children's shows tend to shy away from adult topics. But Sesame Street has a long history of rebelling against that norm. This time, they're introducing the subject of parental addiction through a Muppet named Karli. In May 2019, Sesame Street presented Karli, the green Muppet with yellow hair, to viewers through the Sesame Street in Communities website. Digital viewers already know Karli is in foster care. But now Karli reveals why — her mother is seeking help for her opioid addiction. Anyone can watch Karli grapple with her mother's addiction, and see her Muppet friends support her. &#...more

'Fortnite' addiction is compared to cocaine dependency in lawsuit - 10月10日(木)02:25 

The plaintiffs claim that Epic Games made Fortnite dangerously addictive. Read more...More about Entertainment, Gaming, Mashable Video, Video Games, and Fortnite

Tuesday’s Google Doodle honors addiction resea.. - 10月02日(水)10:05 

Tuesday’s Google Doodle honors addiction researcher Herbert Kleber

Google honors addiction treatment pioneer Dr. Herbert Kleber with Doodle - 10月01日(火)19:57 

Google paid homage Tuesday to psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Kleber with a new Doodle for Kleber's pioneering work in addiction treatment.