'American Horror Story: Cult' debuts creepy credits featuring Trump and Clinton - 08月22日(火)01:42 

The opening credits for American Horror Story: Cult have arrived, and there's no mistaking the season's theme, which plays up the idea of a political circus with a cavalcade of clowns, alongside figures wearing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks.  Other totally reassuring images include a figure in a gas mask carrying an unconscious (we hope) dog, bees crawling over a hive, and a bloodied American flag.  The credits for Season 7 of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology only list Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, Billie Lourd and Alison Pill, but other previously announced ca...more

French presidency gives Brigitte Macron official role, but no salary - 08月21日(月)20:46 

The French presidency said Monday that Brigitte Macron, the wife of President Emmanuel Macron, would have an official role representing France but would not be paid or have her own budget or staff.

Macron Clarifies French First Lady's Role With Charter - 08月21日(月)19:42 

President Emmanuel Macron published a "charter of transparency" to clarify the role the head of state’ spouse after dropping a plan to write the position into French law.

NBA's Emmanuel Mudiay Challenges 8th Grader to 1-on-1, Kid Drains 5 Straight 3s!! - 08月21日(月)16:55 

NBA star Emmanuel Mudiay made a dream come true for one of the best junior high basketball players in the country Tuesday ... when he challenged the 8th grader to some 1-on-1!! It all went down at Mudiay's skills academy at the YMCA in Albany,…

土屋巴瑞季が「ViVi」専属モデル・谷まりあ、藤井サチらと仲間割れ!? - 08月21日(月)05:00 

8月21日(月)放送の「ネプリーグ」(毎週月曜夜7:00-7:57フジ系)には、“20代カリスマモデルチーム”として「CanCam」(小学館)の元専属モデル・土屋巴瑞季や、「ViVi」(講談社)専属モデルの谷まりあ、emma、藤井サチらが登場。唯一「CanCam」出身の土屋と、谷ら「ViVi」専属モデルの3人が仲間割れをする事件が起こる。 【写真を見る】土屋巴瑞季が失態を演じ、チームメートと大きな亀裂が…!? 今回、“20代カリスマモデルチーム”は、徳光和夫、伊吹吾郎、鈴木史朗ら“オーバー70歳チーム”と対決。 番組序盤では、土屋は「勉強に自信はないんですが、最年長なので、みんなの士気を上げられるように頑張ります!」と気合を入れる。 2ndステージ「林先生の漢字テストツアーズ」に進んだ“20代カリスマモデルチーム”は、正解するたびにモデルポーズを披露するなど、チーム一丸となってクイズに挑戦していく。 しかし、さまざまなモノの割合を答える3rdステージ「パーセントバルーン」に差し掛かると、土屋がまさかの失態を演じ、チームは窮地に追い込まれる。その始末に、同じチームであるにもかかわらず、谷ら「ViVi」専属モデルの3人との間に、大きな亀裂が生じる。 対する“オーバー70歳チーム”は、79歳という「ネプリーグ」史上最高年齢での出演となる鈴木が、漢字の書き問題にひらがなで解答する珍事が! ...more

Post SummerSlam WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview - 08月21日(月)23:43 

The aftershocks of SummerSlam will shape Monday's WWE Raw. A number of new champions emerged from Sunday's pay-per-view. Neville, Sasha Banks and the duo of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will have reason to celebrate inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  The same goes for Brock Lesnar, who fended off three titans to keep the Universal Championship in his paws. The Beast Incarnate will have little time to gloat, though. The WWE will work to set up his next title bout as it will for Neville, Banks and the rest of the show's champs. Rematches await some of those titleholder...more

Fantasy Football 2017: Top Team Names, PPR Rankings and Dynasty Advice - 08月21日(月)20:00 

Fantasy football owners have more choices to make than ever. This goes beyond the obvious decisions of which players to pick. Before even entering the draft room, gamers have an array of league formats and scoring systems. Most people still take the path of least resistance by creating standard snake drafts, and that's just fine. More participants, however, are traversing to the great beyond. Point-per-reception leagues have evolved from a fringe feature to the mainstream. With the industry rising in appeal, it's easier than ever to find a group of committed guys and gals to form a dynasty lea...more

McDonald's India dilemma: Growing in South but facing closure in North - 08月21日(月)19:10 

McDonald's is growing in south, west India but losing ground in north, east amid internal squabbles

French Unions Fret as Macron Readies Promised Labor-Law Upheaval - 08月21日(月)08:01 

French unions are about to get a preview of President Emmanuel Macron’s upheaval of labor protection, and their expectations are low.

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?! - 08月20日(日)01:01 

Emma was anything but Stone-faced as she attempted to stay super dry in these almost identical sidewalk snaps ... don’t go crazy as you scour the photos to find the differences between the two waterproof pics.  **HINT -- There are THREE…