How Bonobos Fits At Wal-Mart - 06月22日(木)00:03 

After much speculation, Wal-Mart has reached a deal to acquire Bonobos for $310 million in cash. This deal could mark a major step for Wal-Mart, and it fits with the company’s ongoing digital innovation strategy.

7 Things to Know About Amazon’s New ‘Prime Wardrobe’ Service - 06月21日(水)02:46 

Amazon is already dominating the headlines for its major move to acquire Whole Foods, but the internet giant wants to make sure you visit the site for your fashion purchases too. In a very notable announcement, Amazon today launched Prime Wardrobe, which allows its Prime members to try on clothes, shoes and accessories for free. The announcement is sure to rattle brick-and-mortar retailers who are struggling to attract consumers in an online-centric climate. Wal-Mart has also been dramatically upping its fashion game online, most recently acquiring Bonobos and earlier this year snapping up Sho...more

Amazon's Prime Wardrobe will let you try on almost anything for free - 06月20日(火)22:45 

Stich Fix, Fabletics, Trunk Club ... watch out.  Amazon just took aim at all those at-home try-on shopping subscription services—and every other e-commerce site—with Prime Wardrobe.   Prime Wardrobe is Amazon's entry into the apparel box space. The "fitting room that fits into your life" allows you to choose a bunch of clothes and accessories on Amazon to try on at home. Amazon will send you all those items for free, and then you only pay for the items you keep. SEE ALSO: Walmart is definitely buying Bonobos for $310 million "You have the freedom to try new styles, and th...more

沃尔玛收购美国最大服装定制网站Bonobos - 06月19日(月)12:03 

  证券时报网06月19日讯   据上证报道,据外媒19日报道,沃尔玛将斥资3.10亿美元收购网络服装品牌Bonobos,后者创办于2007年,是一家只在网上销售定制服装的初创企业。被收购后,Bonobos的服装将不会在沃尔玛实体店或网站上出售,而是将在沃尔玛最近以30亿美元收购的在线市场J....

Amazon And Walmart: Buying Their Way Into The Luxury Market - 06月18日(日)20:52 

With Walmart acquiring digitally-native Bonobos and Amazon-Whole Foods, both represent a step beyond Walmart’s and Amazon’s mass-market roots and into the premium market where luxury consumers live. Mortimer Singer, TRAUB, discusses implications of these deals and future directions.

Like most of us, Amazon spent too much on Whole Foods - 06月21日(水)10:05 

GUEST: We are entering an era of seismic change — retailers have started to right-size their physical assets (whether those are stores, transportation assets, or other physical capital investments) enabled by the move to cloud computing and the ability to intelligently connect stores, devices, warehouses, and transportation. Amazon, however, has been moving in the exact opposite direction, albeit cautiously at first: investing in physical distribution and infrastructure, including brick-and-mortar experiments like its consumer electronics pop-ups, baker’s dozen bookstores, and Amazon Go grab-a...more

The Walmart Takeover: 5 Things to Know About the Retailer’s Fashion Acquisitions - 06月21日(水)01:10 

What do fashion firms Shoes.com, ModCloth and Bonobos have in common? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you probably know the very unconventional answer to that question. As Wal-Mart Stores Inc. accelerates its efforts to go up against e-giant Amazon Inc. for dominion over every sellable item, the retailer is making a series of seemingly unconventional — but smart, by many accounts — business moves. Its latest acquisition — a $310 million buyout of high-end menswear brand Bonobos — is moving Walmart closer to becoming a formidable player in the fashion industry. B...more

「SPRING BREEZE」初夏の野音で6組が熱いパフォーマンス! - 06月20日(火)22:22 

ライブイベント「SPACE SHOWER Presents SPRING BREEZE 2017」が、6月11日東京・日比谷野外大音楽堂にて開催された。6組が出演したライブの模様をリポートする。 【写真を見る】変幻自在の演奏で、野音を大いに温めたbonobos/Photo:マツシマ トヨヒロ ■ bonobos 昼下がりの“野音”にまず登場したのはbonobos。小池龍平(Gt)、田中佑司(Key)、梅本浩亘(Dr)加入後初となるアルバム『23区』('16年)でさらなる進化を遂げた彼らは、「東京気象組曲」からライブをスタート。初夏の爽やかな暑さに映えるグルーヴィーなロックナンバーで、早速客席を温めていく。 そこから早くも名曲「THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC」が披露されると、我慢できずに立ち上がる観客が続出。レゲエやダブを基調としたCD音源から、かなりアーバンなテイストに生まれ変わったサウンドに、観客たちは思い思いの揺れ方で体を揺らす。観客からは手拍子が巻き起こり、祝祭感に溢れた美しい光景が広がっていく。 続く「三月のプリズム」では、メロウでゆったりとしたビートで聞かせていくかと思いきや、中盤以降は一気にテンポアップ。蔡忠浩(Vo、Gt)の伸びやかで美しいボーカルが映える、スケールの大きいポップソングを展開していく。その緩急自在のサウンドに、観客からは大歓声が上がった...more

ウォルマート、男性衣料品オンライン販売のボノボス買収へ - 06月19日(月)08:20 


Mens' Fashion Startup Bonobos Sells To Walmart; Consumers Revolt - 06月18日(日)08:28 

Consumers are responding to the aquisition of the Bonobos clothing brand by Walmart with dismay. Now what?