People accused of terror should not be denied bail automatically: Law panel - 05月28日(日)14:25 

Report pointed to provisions in UAPA act wherein period of detention without bail can be extended

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez Becomes Mexico's All-Time Leading Goalscorer - 05月28日(日)11:12 

Javier Hernandez scored in Saturday's friendly against Croatia to become the all-time leading goalscorer in Mexico national team history. Chicharito found the back of the net in the 87th minute, bringing his career total to 47 goals for El Tri and moving him ahead of Jared Borgetti, per Fox Soccer: ESPN FC's Tom Marshall tweeted how Hernandez's inclusion into the second half of Saturday's match reinvigorated the Mexican attack: His substitution came too little too late for El Tri, who lost 2-1. Chicharito's performance, along with the fact he scored 11 goals in 26 Bundesliga appearances for ...more

Philadelphia Phillies beat Cincinnati Reds on Tommy Joseph's walk-off RBI - 05月28日(日)09:53 

Teammates dumped a water cooler on Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Tommy Joseph after his second walk-off hit in three days.

People Are Freaking Out Over Old Navy’s $1 Flip-Flop Sale in the Best Way on Social Media - 05月28日(日)08:25 

It’s that time of year again — Old Navy’s annual $1 flip-flop sale has bargain hunters taking to social media to spread the word and show off their bounty. Fans of the retailer’s beloved promotion got their chance to score the sandals today when a special pre-sale launched (running through Sunday) for cardholders. The early in-store $1 flip-flop sale is only available to customers with an Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic card. The reactions on Instagram and Twitter showed that shoppers were reveling in picking up the summertime staple ahead of the masses on June 24, when the ...more

Kendall Jenner’s Travel Look Included These Edgy Booties & $360 Sweatpants - 05月28日(日)07:11 

With her ball gowns and stilettos packed up, Kendall Jenner made her return to Los Angeles today after bowing her glamorous turns on the 2017 Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Of course, she made her arrival in style — quite noticeably in Balenciaga’s bold and colorful Knife booties. Kendall Jenner wears Balenciaga’s spring 2017 Knife boots with a white blouse and matching trousers by Bassike. The supermodel stomped through Los Angeles International Airport in the brand’s spring 2017 footwear that features an ‘80s-inspired carnation print spandex upper on a 4.3-inch heel. The shoes retail...more

コツはスペルを聞くこと? 電話対応で役立つフレーズ - 05月28日(日)11:20 

 電話が苦手な人にとって、かけた時よりも受ける時の方が心の準備ができていないことも多く、パニックになりやすいもの。仕事で電話を受ける時、うまく対応できず、先方の機嫌を損ねるのではないかと心配になってしまう人もいるだろう。電話対応は“習うより慣れよ”。以下のフレーズを確認して、しっかり備えれば心配ない。 ビジネスに役立つ【英語知識】 役立つ「タイムリー」の表現6つ ■電話を受けるとき <例文> ・ABC Store, 〇〇 speaking. How May I help you? 「ABCストアの〇〇です。ご用件をお伺いします」  「ABC Store. How may I help you?」だけでも伝わるが、名乗ったほうが丁寧だ。また、受けた電話をつなぐときの表現は以下の通り。 <例文> ・Hold the line, please. I will connect you. 「お待ちください、いまおつなぎします」  「I will connect you.」は「I will put you through.」にも置き換えられる。 <例文> ・Just a moment, please. Let me transfer this call to someone in charge. 「少々お待ち下さい。担当者に電話を回します」  「someone in charg...more

【ファントム時間仮説】今年は「西暦1720年」だった! 学者「中世ヨーロッパの297年間は捏造」 - 05月28日(日)10:19 

早いもので2017年も半分近くまできてしまったが、「実は今年は西暦1720年なのだ」と言う人が現れたら、まずは正気を疑うしかないだろう。しかし驚くなかれ、ある学者によれば中世ヨーロッパ史の297年間は捏造されたものであるというのだ。 ■西暦614年から911年までの297年間は後から“水増し”された? ヨーロッパ中世史の一部で水増しと捏造が行われている……。もし本当なら文字通り歴史を覆す発見ということになるが、ドイツの歴史学者、ヘリベルト・イリグ氏はヨーロッパ中世の西暦614年から911年までの297年間は、後から“水増し”さ...

Brian Dozier showered by gum after homer leads Minnesota Twins past Tampa Bay Rays - 05月28日(日)09:17 

Brian Dozier had faced Tampa Bay Rays reliever Tommy Hunter eight times in his career before Saturday's eighth-inning at-bat.

13 Perks You Didn't Think You Could Negotiate -- But You Can - 05月28日(日)08:03 

Trina is set to talk with her hiring manager Lou tomorrow, to negotiate her job offer. The original offer was a little low, salary-wise. If Trina can't get the exact salary number she wants, what other bargaining chips can she throw into the mix? Here are 12 of them!

This was a big week for blockchain - 05月28日(日)06:33 

GUEST: I just spent four days at two of the most important conferences in the emerging blockchain/crypto-currency space. One was Consensus. The other Token Summit. I had about 100 conversations with people who are at the epicenter of the blockchain wave, including one of the approximately 35 people in the world who make up the Bitcoin Core team that’s responsible for the protocol’s upkeep. It’s going to take a few weeks or months to totally get my head around all this, but here are a few important themes I observed: Bitcoin hits escape velocity There was a unspoken sense that this thing we cal...more