From London to Lagos, Exploring the Premier League's African Appeal - 05月23日(火)17:00 

It is 8 a.m, we are sitting in the crush of traffic heading for Victoria Island. The radio blares: "It's Monday, and it's a huuuuuuuge week in the EPL." The journey had begun at 6.45 a.m in an effort to beat the traffic, and because we are still just moving, that counts as beating. Lagos—a city of 22 million people with the infrastructure of a town a fraction of its size—demands early starts, planning ahead and lots of room for manoeuvre. The DJ moves on to the first of the day's quizzes, a ₦1,000 giveaway if you can answer three consecutive questions on your Premier League t...more

ゴジラとパックマンがアート空間に登場。新宿歌舞伎町とシンクロする演出、ネイキッドが創る”TOKYO”に - 05月23日(火)16:35 

[株式会社ネイキッド] [画像1: https://prtimes.jp/i/8210/282/resize/d8210-282-480058-0.jpg ] ■TOKYO ART CITY by NAKEDの世界が『VR ZONE SHINJUKU』新宿歌舞伎町のリアルな街に 本展では、2017年夏、新宿歌舞伎町にオープンする...

Ajax vs. Manchester United: 2017 Europa League Final Odds and Prediction - 05月23日(火)15:00 

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has had his sights set on Wednesday's UEFA Europa League final against Ajax in Stockholm for some time.  As soon as it became clear the Red Devils would be unable to qualify for next season's UEFA Champions League by finishing in the top four of the Premier League, the Portuguese boss has made it clear that beating the Dutch side is all that matters, per Sky Sports' Stephen Mills. The Premier League giants are strong favourites to claim the trophy against a young and exciting Ajax side. Per Oddschecker, United are 1-2 to prevail at the Friends ...more

Trump reportedly asked intelligence officials to deny collusion between his campaign and Russia - 05月23日(火)14:44 

President Donald Trump asked two top US intelligence officials in March to help push back against the FBI investigation into his campaign's possible links with Russia, The Washington Post reported Monday.

渋谷に高音質アナログレコードを取り揃えた本格的なオーディオショールームがオープン - 05月23日(火)12:36 

5月24日より渋谷区鶯谷町にて、本格的なアナログレコード試聴スペースを備えたオーディオショールーム「Stylus & Groove」がオープンする。世界的なアナログオーディオの巨匠であるティム・デ・パラヴィチーニ氏が手掛けるEAR Yoshinoの真空管オーディオ機器を始めとする選りすぐりのオーディオ、そしてリマスターとカッティングにパラヴィチーニ氏によりモディファイされたカスタム機材を使用するMobile Fidelity Sound Labなどの高音質にこだわったアナログレコードレーベルの試聴盤160タイトル以上を備えた国内唯一のショールーム。カジュアルな空間の中で、卓越した技術によって生み出された芸術作品としての音楽を、極上の音色で心行くまで楽しめる。営業時間は、平日17:00〜21:00(13:00〜17:00は予約制にて試聴を受付)、土日14:00〜20:00。火曜日定休。店舗情報Stylus & Groove(スタイラス&グルーヴ)東京都渋谷区鶯谷町6-6 グリーンハイツ501http://stylus-groove.com

Trump sees to slash government spending in budget plan - 05月23日(火)16:48 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Tuesday will ask Republicans who control the U.S. Congress - and federal purse strings - to slash spending on healthcare and food assistance programs for the poor as they push ahead on plans to cut taxes and trim the deficit.

Which Side Is the Most Likely to Topple Juventus in Serie A? - 05月23日(火)15:27 

They were made to wait, but Juventus were eventually crowned Serie A champions again on Sunday. The Bianconeri have now won the league title for a record six consecutive seasons, an unparalleled era of domestic dominance of the Italian football scene. With a UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid in Cardiff awaiting them on June 3, the Turin giants have a chance to prove that their excellence has put them back among Europe's elite teams. However, that is unlikely to be of interest to their rivals on the peninsula, many of whom will start the 2017/18 campaign fully aware that they have...more

【早起き】漁師からモーニングコールが届く! 早朝から働く強み生かし新サービス - 05月23日(火)14:58 

石巻に拠点を置く一般社団法人フィッシャーマン・ジャパンが現在、漁師からモーニングコールが届くサービス「FISHERMAN CALL(フィッシャーマン・コール)」の利用希望者を募集している。 今回の企画は石巻市が主催。早朝から海で働く漁師の強みを生かしたもので、地元石巻でワカメ・カキ・ホヤなど漁業に携わる5人の漁師の中から1人を選び、起きたい時間、その理由をサイトで入力し申し込む。当選者には設定日時に漁師からモーニングコールが届く仕組み。 今回のサービスは石巻市、宮城県漁協、フィッシャーマン・ジャパンによる水...

This Idea Is Pushing Data Visualization To A New Level - 05月23日(火)13:29 

Our word is filling with more and more data every minute. To make sense of the insights hidden in this growth stream of data we need to visualize and communicate it. Or do we? How about eating and tasting data instead so that we can involve even more of your senses in digesting data?

Why Business in India Will (Probably) Get Easier: QuickTake Q&A - 05月23日(火)12:01 

Any company wishing to sell its wares across India currently faces at least 17 different state and federal taxes. With the introduction of the long-awaited national goods-and-services tax, that number is about to drop to just one. Due for implementation on July 1, the GST will forge one of the world’s biggest single markets for goods and services -- and boost Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pledge to make doing business in India easier.