While gamers ask for loot-box regulation, Trump’s FCC plans to deregulate net neutrality - 11月17日(金)07:33 

According to the discourse surrounding the core gaming scene right now, loot boxes and similar business models are the greatest threat to interactive entertainment. But while fans shout down publisher Electronic Arts over the progression in Star Wars: Battlefront II, the Federal Communications Commission is gearing up to kill net neutrality. Reuters and Bloomberg are each reporting that FCC chairman Ajit Pai, an appointee of President Donald Trump, will reveal plans next week to undo an executive order from President Barack Obama’s tenure that classifies internet service providers as equ...more

Auburn Destroys No. 1 Georgia in 23-Point Win; Nick Chubb Held to 27 Yards - 11月12日(日)09:16 

The Auburn Tigers are making a bid to become the first two-loss team to make the College Football Playoff after dominating the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs in a 40-17 win on Saturday.  Auburn's two losses have come by a combined 12 points, including a 14-6 defeat against No. 4 Clemson. The Tigers' end-of-season schedule could include another game against Georgia and the Iron Bowl against Alabama on Nov. 25.  If Auburn defeats Alabama to win the SEC West and gets another win over Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, even with two losses, it will be hard for the College ...more

15% off APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector with USB Charging Ports and SurgeArrest - Deal Alert - 11月08日(水)22:35 

Be it a lightning strike that destroys a home entertainment center or consistently fluctuating power that degrades the performance and shortens the life of your electronics – surges, lightning, and other power disturbances can have a devastating impact on the valuable electronics you rely on every day. The P11U2 from APC offers guaranteed surge protection. Connect and protect up to 11 electronics, and conveniently charge your mobile devices via 2 additional USB ports. Installation is convenient and easy with a 180-degree rotating power cord and right-angle plug. Lastly, three LED indicators in...more

Deion Sanders DESTROYS Tony Romo, 'You Ain't Won Nothin' - 11月07日(火)00:49 

Deion Sanders destroyed Tony Romo. There's really no cute or punchy way to put it. The guy opened up his Hall of Fame mouth and ate the soul of Romo live on television. It happened because Tony dissed Deion's tackling ability again, calling out…

How The Single-Player Dungeon Run In Hearthstone's Next Expansion Works - 11月07日(火)00:00 

Hearthstone's expansion announcement at Blizzcon this year may have been expected, after all, updates to the game have started hitting with regularity. But the big difference this time is way the team is changing up its approach to single-player content. At the show, we talked with lead mission designer Dave Kosak and lead UI designer Max Ma to learn how exactly the new Dungeon Run will work, and to get a few early tips for what sounds like a challenging new mode. In addition, we learned the codename for this expansion before it was revealed to the world!And in case you missed any other Hearth...more

'Rampage' Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Protects And/Or Destroys All Monsters - 11月17日(金)07:00 

'Rampage' is just one of three big Warner Bros. video game-ish movies in March and April of next year.

Bob Costas Says Football 'Destroys People's Brains' When Speaking on Its Future - 11月09日(木)00:52 

Longtime NBC Sports broadcaster Bob Costas said Tuesday that football "destroys people's brains" during a roundtable discussion at the University of Maryland. Tom Schad of USA Today passed along further comments from Costas, who called the NFL's decline the "most significant story" on the current American sports landscape. "The cracks in the foundation are there," he said when discussing the sport's future. "The day-to-day issues, as serious as they may be, they may come and go. But you cannot change the nature of the game. I certainly would not let, if I had an athletically gifted 12- or 13-y...more

Apple's Double Dipping Sets Stage For $250 Target Price - 11月07日(火)02:52 

No one has a better track record making money on Apple than Eugene Groysman who in 2010 called for Apple to reach his split-adjusted target of $42. Eugene’s 12 month target price is now $250.

Typhoon Damrey kills 49, destroys 116,000 homes in Vietnam - 11月07日(火)00:35 

Typhoon Damrey has killed at least 49 people in Vietnam, with more than a dozen missing, after striking Vietnam.