LeBron James: Kyrie Irving Will Be 'Fine' in Return to Cleveland with Celtics - 10月17日(火)21:28 

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James downplayed Kyrie Irving's return to Cleveland and the reaction he will receive during Tuesday's 2017-18 season-opening game against the Boston Celtics in an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols that aired Monday.           LeBron—who was booed loudly upon returning to Cleveland as a visiting player in 2010 after signing with the Miami Heat—doesn't believe Irving's reception at Quicken Loans Arena will compare, according to ESPN.com's Dave McMenamin: "They will be fine. People were throwing batteries at us." &n...more

DJI公認ドローン屋内飛行場「DJI ARENA」が東京・葛飾区にオープン! その場で買えるストアも併設 - 10月17日(火)20:53 

Image: DJI ARENA おおっ!? 広いぞ! 奥行き22mのエリアもある!10月21日、韓国・龍仁市につづいて、第2のDJI公式認定ドローン屋内飛行場となる 「DJI ARENA BY JDRONE TOKYO」が、東京都葛飾区にオープンしますよ。最寄り駅は京成高砂駅・京成小岩駅(共に徒歩15分)または、JR小岩駅(徒歩21分、バスを使って約11分)ですって。東京在住で、自由に飛ばすエリアまで行くのが大変なドローンオーナーにとって、この場所は福音となりそう。料金もなかなかリーズナブルなんですよ。平日30分で800円(土日祝900円)~。1時間で1,400円(土日祝1,600円)~ですから。 Image: PR TIMES 障害物のないベーシックエリアは 約8.5m☓15mで、可動式 LED ゲートなどが設置されているアドバンスエリアは約9.5m☓22m。各フライトエリアの同時飛行ドローン数は基本的に1台なので、マイペースに練習できます。技適マークのついた機体・送信機であれば、ほかメーカーのドローンも持ち込めます。さらにARENAには、その...more

WWE 2K18 Review: Gameplay Videos, Features and Impressions - 10月17日(火)20:00 

One of the bigger WWE plot points over the past few years was the fall and rise of WWE 2K18's cover star, Seth Rollins.  Rollins blew out a knee while atop the WWE Universe and needed it rebuilt. The team at 2K Sports doesn't need a complete overhaul of the WWE 2K series in the same manner—the improvements to WWE 2K18 mirror the gradual progression of Rollins' character change since his return to the main event scene.  With 2K Sports making significant strides over the past few editions, Tuesday's release acts as a refinement in many areas instead of taking a major risk. There ...more

DJI opens drone arena in Tokyo for enthusiasts to test their flying skills - 10月17日(火)18:42 

Drone giant DJI has opened a new arena in Japan for hobbyists and more hardcore enthusiasts to test their flying skills in a fully equipped space. The DJI Arena in Tokyo is the second such facility after the company opened one in South Korea last August. While the arena sports a retail store and technical support staff, the new DJI hub is designed to enable anyone to fly their machines in a completely safe environment with nets and a customizable circuit for practicing loops and rolls. Above: DJI Arena, Tokyo Today’s news comes a couple of months after DJI launched a couple of new drones...more

Assassins Creed Origins: Hieroglyphs In Promotions Contain Throwback References - 10月17日(火)16:24 

Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft flagship action-adventure video game series, is celebrating 10 years since it first hit stores. Altair, Ezio and their assassin friends — the game characters — have taken us through important focal points in history like the Italian Renaissance and American Revolution.

Laurent Blanc Reportedly Considered as Bruce Arena Replacement for USMNT - 10月17日(火)20:55 

The USA are reportedly considering former France and Paris Saint-Germain manager Laurent Blanc as their next coach after Bruce Arena resigned following his failure to guide the team to FIFA World Cup qualification. ESPN FC's Jonathan Johnson relayed the news from France Football's Francois Verdenet: Verdenet (h/t The Sun's Steve Goodman) also reported the Frenchman is receptive to the idea. Blanc has not taken up a position since his departure from PSG last year, where he won three Ligue 1 titles and two Coupes de France in three years. He also won three Coupes de la Ligue in that time, ...more

Sony To Publish Nintendo Switch And PC Games Under New Label - 10月17日(火)20:40 

A division of Sony is to publish video games for, among other consoles, Switch, the company has announced. Sony Music Entertainment has launched a new publishing label called Unties, whose upcoming projects include a game, titled Tiny Metal, that's coming to Nintendo's hybrid console as well as PC and PS4.Unties has so far revealed three more projects: one for PS4 and two listed for "PC / TBA," hinting they could come to other platforms later on. Sony Music says the label has been set up "to unearth high-quality [indie] titles … and utilize SME's vast entertainment business wisdom in order to ...more

Workhorse RBs Ride Again: How the Power Running Revolution Can Save Your Team - 10月17日(火)19:37 

Here's a crazy idea for all of those teams with a bad case of the quarterback blues: Get a big, fast running back, preferably one who breaks tackles and can catch a little bit. Run the football. If that doesn't work, run the football some more. Moneyball heresy, you claim? Analytical sacrilege? Outdated thinking?  Maybe. Or perhaps the time has come for the pendulum to swing back and for concepts like the "workhorse running back" and "establishing the run" to be reconsidered. The workhorse running back is enjoying a mini-Renaissance in the NFL right now. Five running backs are averagin...more

Marc Overmars Reportedly Poised for Arsenal Return as Transfer Chief - 10月17日(火)18:24 

Former Arsenal winger Marc Overmars is set to return to the club next summer in a "director-of-football-style role" after serving Dutch powerhouse Ajax in a similar capacity for the past five years.  That's according to Adam Shergold of MailOnline, who wrote Overmars will make his north London comeback despite manager Arsene Wenger's protestations against appointing such a figure. Dick Law served as Arsenal's chief transfer negotiator for eight years but stepped down from the role in September, per Lyall Thomas of Sky Sports, and he is yet to be replaced. It was only last week that Wenger...more

無料で映画鑑賞できる! 六本木ヒルズに野外シアター出現 - 10月17日(火)15:05 

六本木ヒルズアリーナでは2017年10月26日から11月3日まで、野外上映イベント「Cinema Arena 30!」が開催されます。 グルメとともに映画を楽しんで 「Cinema Arena 30」は10月25日から11月3日まで開催されるアジア最大級の映画の祭典「第30回 東京国際映画祭」のサイドイベントとして行われる企画。 期間中は六本木ヒルズアリーナを会場に、野外シアターが出現。過去の映画祭で上映された作品6000本の中から厳選された名作や東京グランプリ受賞作、隠れた傑作が無料で上映されます。 上映作品は第1回開催時のオープニング作品「乱」や大ヒット作「タイタニック」、全米初登場1位を記録した「チャーリーズ・エンジェル」など。 また会場には東京国際映画祭が厳選した知る人ぞ知る名店が集結し、フードやドリンクが販売されるので映画鑑賞と一緒に楽しんで。 上映時間など詳細は公式サイトで確認を。 40銘柄以上を樽生で提供! 横浜で「クラフトビアフェスティバル」 掘り出し物をゲットしよう! 東京国際フォーラムで大型フリーマーケット ...more






RENA(レナ、8月18日 – )は、日本の女性ファッションモデルタレント司会ビデオジョッキーネイムマネジメント所属。



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