PUBG Guide: Advanced Tips To Improve Your Game - 12月16日(土)10:13 

Taking It To The Next LevelPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has become a major hit largely because it has such a high skill ceiling. It’s a game you can spend a lot of time learning, and with plenty of mechanics and weapons master, it’s possible to get very good at it.As you're advancing from beginner to experienced player in PUBG, there's much to keep in mind when trying to maximize your in-game potential. Here are 12 expert-level tips that aren’t immediately obvious as you play, but can help you up your PUBG game even further.PUBG launched in Early Access this year and has been extraordinarily ...more

今田耕司、美女格闘家RENAとの思い出に苦い顔 - 12月16日(土)09:00 

12月15日放送の「アナザースカイ」(日本テレビ系)に格闘家のRENA選手がゲスト出演。今田耕司と対戦した思い出について語った。 【写真を見る】MCの中条あやみが「エル・ガール ライジングアクトレス賞」を受賞 RENA選手が今田と対戦したのは、今田が司会を務める「炎の体育会TV」(TBS系)の特別企画でのこと。初対戦の2011年当時、19歳のRENA選手はすでにシュートボクシングの女王として君臨していた。一方の今田はグラバカなどのジムに数年間通い続けていた格闘技愛好家。 RENA選手は対戦した時の今田の戦いぶりについて「めちゃくちゃうまい」「緩急のある打撃を使ってきたり、変則な技をちょいちょい使ってくる」と語る。 レフェリーストップで試合終了となったVTRを見て、今田は「(自分は)変なリズムなんですよね~」と苦い顔をしてみせるが、「それがあるからこそ、ちゃんとした打撃を結構もらっちゃう」とRENA選手は評価した。 2011年以降無敗の24連勝を続けるRENA選手は、2015年からは総合格闘家としても活躍。圧倒的な強さを見せるRENA選手の公式試合での様子がVTRで流れると、苦しそうにうずくまる対戦相手を見た今田は「あれ同じことされてるからな俺(笑)」と冗談交じりにつぶやいた。 次回、12月22日(金)放送予定の「アナザースカイ」は1時間SP。内村航平がゲスト出演する。(ザテレビジョ...more

Celebrate The Last Jedi with some Star Wars gaming deals and new content - 12月16日(土)07:05 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now out in theaters. Many of you will be coming home with a hunger for more Star Wars. Luckily, you’ll be able to find a lot of new content for current games and some deals on the classics. The Last Jedi characters have invaded Star Wars’ mobile efforts. You can now unlock Finn, Rose, Hux, Terex, and more in games like the strategy-based Commander, the card-based hero brawler Force Arena, and the role-playing game Galaxy of Heroes. Apple is also holding some specials on its Star Wars. The classic RPG Knights of the Old Republic is on sale for 50 percent ...more

Fortnite gets holiday event — and in-game spending in Battle Royale mode - 12月16日(土)04:46 

We’re amid the gift-giving holidays, and it’s time to celebrate with decorations, good cheer, and crass consumerism. Epic Games is doing its part to deliver all of those things with some updates to Fortnite that will introduce a holiday event and (finally) a way to spend money on the last-player-standing mode. The Survive the Holidays update will decorate trees in lights and ornaments, and it will also give players cosmetic items like ugly Christmas sweaters. This comes alongside the introduction of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 2. Survive the Holidays and Season 2 have al...more

Top PC Accessories - GameSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - 12月16日(土)03:00 

Finding gifts for the PC gamer can be tough considering there are just so many dang peripherals out there. That's why we've done the dirty work for you and have outlined the best bang-for-the-buck keyboard, mouse, monitor and more that will serve as excellent gifts this holiday season.Keyboard: Corsair K68 Mechanical KeyboardA mechanical keyboard is a valuable asset to PC gamers, but they tend to come at a hefty price. Corsair offers some of the better options out on the market and for $100, the K68features everything you'd need out of a keyboard. It's water and dust resistant, so you don't ne...more

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Missed Cavs Game Due to Legal Matter, Could Miss More - 12月16日(土)10:11 

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope missed the Los Angeles Lakers' 121-112 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday at Quick Loans Arena because of a legal situation that could keep him away from the team for multiple games.                 Jeffrey Lance Abood, Caldwell-Pope's attorney, told ESPN in a statement Friday that his client's absence stemmed from when he allowed someone to operate his vehicle under the influence in March: "While a member of the Detroit Pistons last year, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope plead guilty to a misdemeanor of...more

7 French Girl Style Ideas for Holiday Gifting — And the Parisian Fashion Rules You Need to Know - 12月16日(土)08:14 

The French girl is generally heralded as the epitome of chic – probably because she is. Just ask Parisian it girl and fashion icon Caroline de Maigret, who has French girl style all sewn up. So, if you are buying a holiday gift for a French girl or even an aspiring French girl, here are some pointers to set you on your way: Keep to a white and navy palette, use red advisedly, and, avoid novelty socks at all costs.     1. LE SNEAKER Comon Projects Buy: Comon Projects Sneaker $410 buy it This understated white sneaker is a favorite with our ultimate ...more

Riot takes its League of Legends knowledge to after-school coding program - 12月16日(土)06:07 

Riot Games is bringing its game design experience to something beyond its smash hit multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends. It has partnered with 9 Dots, an organization that focuses on getting kids in Los Angeles interested in computer science. In addition to after-school sessions, 9 Dots also runs summer programs and hosts showcases. Its curriculum loops in activities like robotics, creating stop-animation films, and coding. It’s not only trying to get students excited about programming, but also to keep them interested through high school. The latter is something that Riot ...more

Steph Curry’s New Kicks Coming to You Via Drones - 12月16日(土)03:13 

Athletic powerhouse Under Armour may have hit some low points this year, but it is hoping to soar sky high with its latest release. In anticipation of its new colorways of Stephen Curry’s latest basketball shoe, the Baltimore-based company released a teaser video on social media. “More Drops. More Drones. Something special for The Bay. The #Curry4 #DroneDrop hits Saturday, 12.16,” Under Armour said on its Instagram post. In the Instagram video, a drone carries a package over a community with the presumption that it could drop the latest Curry kicks, called More Dubs, in your neighborhood. The...more

LeBron James Told Lonzo Ball to 'Stay F--king Locked In' After Win vs. Lakers - 12月16日(土)02:44 

LeBron James had some advice for Lonzo Ball when the two spoke on the court following the Cleveland Cavaliers' 121-112 win over the Los Angeles Lakers at Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday night. In a video posted to Reddit by user IT-3 (h/t NBC Sports' Dan Feldman), James can be heard telling Ball to block out the noise and stay focused on his game. "Find your zone and just stay f--king locked in," James said. "The media is going to ask you what I told you right now. Tell them nothing. Just be aggressive every single day. ... It's white noise to you. That's all it is. All right? Let's go."  ...more






RENA(レナ、8月18日 – )は、日本の女性ファッションモデルタレント司会ビデオジョッキーネイムマネジメント所属。



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