The Psychology Of Boston's Snow Parking Wars - 01月23日(火)08:03 

In Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, an informal code allows residents to claim a parking space after shoveling it out. But the practice is often at odds both with the law and with the mores of changing neighborhoods.

Netflix executes perfect 'The Office' joke about Millie Bobby Brown - 01月23日(火)05:03 

Netflix's Twitter presence continues to be a gift, this time with a delightful Stranger Things/The Office crossover tweet. In a screen shot from Season 2, episode 1, "The Dundies," Michael prepares to present the office award for "Whitest Sneakers." Office fans will know this award went to a rather tipsy Pam Beesly, but Netflix chose to honor Sunday night's SAG red carpet look of one Millie Bobby Brown. SEE ALSO: Please god no, don't revive 'The Office' pic.twitter.com/H49MSQ5LrE — Netflix US (@netflix) January 22, 2018 The tweet clearly resonated with Netflix's followers, whose replie...more

30 Fascinating Early Bands of Future Music Legends - 01月23日(火)01:05 

Even rock's biggest names had to start somewhere. Flip through this (way) back catalog of stars' early projects and you'll find yourself in a topsy-turvy bizarro-world where Michael Bolton and Billy Joel fronted metal bands, Debbie Harry and the Cars were folked-up singer-songwriters, Madonna was a post-punk drummer and Ronnie James Dio was a Sixties teen idol. By the time you're done thereThis article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: 30 Fascinating Early Bands of Future Music Legends

【社会科学】なぜアメリカ人の恋愛は日本人より情熱的なのか? ∼恋人の「選択の自由」が愛を燃え上がらせる∼ - 01月22日(月)21:02  newsplus

https://research-er.jp/articles/view/67172 ポイント 恋愛関係における情熱の強さに文化差を生み出す要因を検証。米国人の恋が情熱的なのは,米国社会は日本社会より恋人選びの自由度が高く競争が激しいため。恋愛関係の自由度と情熱度の関係を検討した初めての研究。 概要  北海道大学大学院文学研究科の結城雅樹教授らの研究グループ(筆頭著者・同博士後期課程 山田順子氏)は,人々が恋愛相手に感じる情熱は,恋人を自由に選べる社会ほど強いことを初めて実証的に示しました。  これまでの国際比較研究において,恋愛...

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode Four review — setting up a tense showdown - 01月22日(月)17:01 

REVIEW: Telltale Games’s Batman: The Enemy Within has been uneven so far, but fortunately Episode Four breaks from the previous entry’s stagnation. Titled “What Ails You,” it’s action-packed and simmering with tension, winding the players up for the next episode, which will be the conclusion of the series. As always, the proto-Joker John Doe is the star of the show, and his relationship with Bruce Wayne reaches new heights of uncomfortable camaraderie. Check out our Reviews Vault for past game reviews. What you’ll like Disquieting consequences What would ...more

NFL Legend Cortez Kennedy Donated Brain to CTE Research, Autopsy Reveals - 01月23日(火)07:10 

NFL Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy donated his brain to the most famous CTE research center in the world when he passed away in May ... this according to the autopsy obtained by TMZ Sports.  Kennedy's body was discovered by a friend on May 23,…

Speech analysis can predict psychosis in at-risk youths: Study - 01月23日(火)04:26 

Analysis of speech may help predict which at-risk youths will develop psychosis within two years, researchers suggest in a new study.

NFC Championship Game 2018 Final Score, Highlights from Vikings vs. Eagles - 01月23日(火)00:00 

In the NFC Championship Game, we saw a side of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles last witnessed during the 2014 campaign. He picked an opportune time to show his best. Despite finishing the regular season as the No. 1 seed, Philadelphia went into this contest as the underdogs in consecutive weeks. Quarterback Carson Wentz's injury drained outside hope that the Eagles would book their tickets to Super Bowl LII. Nonetheless, Foles and a relentless defense contributed to an unlikely outcome. After winning in dramatic fashion during the previous outing, how did the Minnesota Vikings fall ...more

WWE Raw 25: Chris Jericho, Undertaker and the Most Anticipated Stars Returning - 01月22日(月)21:00 

Monday's WWE Raw 25 is among perhaps the most anticipated events in recent company history.  Full-time fans will tune in to see their how their favorites will interact with returning legends. Old-school fans will tune in to see what those legends will do. Everyone who tunes in will expect to be entertained. WWE should definitely deliver for everyone at Raw 25. This is the company's chance to mix the older generation with the next generation, a way to present both sides as a cohesive unit. There will be confrontations between the two, but this is more about the company's evolution. The pro...more

Epilepsy associated with brain volume, thickness differences: Study - 01月22日(月)14:54 

The largest-ever neuroimaging study of people with epilepsy shows that epilepsy involves more widespread physical differences than previously assumed






PSY(サイ、1977年12月31日 - )は、大韓民国歌手ダンサー作詞家作曲家音楽プロデューサーである。本名はパク・チェサン박재상朴 載相)。


韓国ソウル特別市江南区の出身。祖父のパク・キオクは、半導体検査機器製造会社の「DI(ディアイ)」を創業し、父のパク・ウォンホは、DI社の大株主・代表理事である 2012年10月16日。