How To Use ADHD To Your Advantage, According To A Psychologist - 04月19日(木)22:58 

A psychologists shares tips to leverage the positive aspects of ADHD for greater success.

Sit back, relax, and take a trip through these psychedelic videos - 04月19日(木)06:31 

Rémi Cabarrou is an art director and motion designer that specializes in realistic CGI. His trippy animations will make you watch for hours. Read more...More about Youtube, Instagram, Art, Mashable Video, and 3d

【朝日新聞・前田直人】内閣支持の強度、女性や高年層に限れば、すでに野田政権末期と同レベルです - 04月18日(水)18:02  seijinewsplus

https://mobile.twitter.com/Nao_Maeda_Asahi/status/986286818470510592 前田 直人 Verified Account @Nao_Maeda_Asahi 周囲の感覚に比べて世論調査が高すぎるor低すぎるというご意見をいただくのですが、層によって内閣支持の強度にかなり開きがあるんです。支持率が男性は40%なのに女性は23%だし、年代では18~29歳が44%なのに60代は23%。女性や高年層に限れば、すでに野田政権末期と同レベルです。 twitter.com/namatahara/sta… liberalist @liberalist_shun 若者が就職出来るようになったからです。失業率の低下は非常に...

Free PC Game On Origin For A Limited Time - 04月18日(水)04:38 

Here's some good news for anyone who likes having joy and excitement in their life: Peggle is free to download for PC on Origin. It normally sells for $5, but right now, for a limited time, you can get it to keep and play every day forever. So hurry to the Origin Store to download your copy now.What's the big deal about Peggle? If you haven't played this marvelous and highly addictive game, it's like a psychedelically-enhanced version of pachinko. You aim and shoot a ball from the top of the screen. The ball bounces and ricochets between colorful pegs on its way to the bottom. Each peg it touc...more

Xbox One Adds 8 New Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Games Today - 04月18日(水)01:09 

It's been a long wait, but the second round of original Xbox backwards compatible games have finally arrived on Xbox One. Eight more classic Xbox titles are now playable on Microsoft's current-gen console, with another batch set to follow next week.This week sees the arrival of some of the original Xbox's most beloved games. In addition to Bethesda's acclaimed RPG The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Xbox One owners can now play the Conker's Bad Fur Day remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded; Sega's acclaimed rail shooter, Panzer Dragoon Orta; BioWare's martial arts RPG, Jade Empire; the snowboardin...more

Samoa Joe On WWE Smackdown Is What's Best For Business - 04月19日(木)07:12 

As of April 17, Samoa Joe is officially a Smackdown superstar and not a moment too soon. He wasn't going anywhere on Raw. Now, maybe, he'll have a chance to win the world title. He spent months--too many--playing Triple H's hired goon. It's about time he got to stand on his own instead of taking marching orders.In the novel Misery, author Stephen King refers to Annie Wilkes--the antagonist and psychotic serial murderer of the book--as "solid," a mass of flesh so unyielding and unforgiving that she barely seems real. That's what I think of when I see Samoa Joe swagger to the ring. The man is a ...more

The Psychological Quirk That Makes Shitty Artists Think They're Great - 04月19日(木)04:02 

Vlogger and photographer Jamie Windsor has noticed this phenomenon over and over with amateur photographers, and he has advice on how to stop it from tricking you into thinking you're the next Ansel Adams.

DIR EN GREY 薫、Die、Toshiyaプロデュースのギター、ベース型のモバイルバッテリーチャージャーが発売決定! - 04月18日(水)17:17 

  DIR EN GREY 薫、Die、Toshiyaプロデュースのギター、ベース型のモバイルバッテリーチャージャーの発売が決定した。 薫はJAPANESE ZOMBIE HEROEZに継ぐニューモデルのタイプでTOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE”?-で使用したピンクのラメでカラーリングされたGANESA IX。 Dieは真紅のボディに表面には...

FDA staff backs epilepsy drug made from cannabis plant - 04月18日(水)02:58 

Staff at the FDA have approved an experimental drug made from a marijuana plant used to treat children with two rare forms of epilepsy.

Extremely Tipsy Woman Attempts To Frisbee A Frozen Pizza Into The Oven, Absolutely Nails It - 04月18日(水)00:20 

After nine months of not drinking, a few sips of alcohol will make you feel like you can do anything. And in this case, that feeling was accurate.






PSY(サイ、1977年12月31日 - )は、大韓民国歌手ダンサー作詞家作曲家音楽プロデューサーである。本名はパク・チェサン박재상朴 載相)。


韓国ソウル特別市江南区の出身。祖父のパク・キオクは、半導体検査機器製造会社の「DI(ディアイ)」を創業し、父のパク・ウォンホは、DI社の大株主・代表理事である 2012年10月16日。