Finn Balor Beats Bray Wyatt at WWE No Mercy 2017 - 09月25日(月)09:55 

Finn Balor scored his second consecutive pay-per-view victory over Bray Wyatt on Sunday, as he came out on top at No Mercy. Wyatt attacked Balor before the match, and the former NXT champion was in bad enough shape that he was getting helped to the back. Wyatt goaded Balor into returning to the ring—a strategy that backfired. Balor recovered and eventually hit the Coup de Grace for the win. WWE showed Balor standing victorious: Social media praised the work of both wrestlers:  The rivalry between Balor and Wyatt is among the longest-running feuds on Raw, and it has featured no sho...more

Emergency Telegraphs: Inside America’s Historic Fire & Police Call Boxes - 09月23日(土)05:36 

Before 911 (or even household telephones), roughly 500 American cities relied on specialized call boxes tied into police and fire stations for everything from officer check-ins to emergency reports.

Nintendo Switch's Best-Selling Third-Party Game Is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - 09月22日(金)03:35 

It may have seemed like an unusual premise at first, but Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is proving to be a critical and commercial success. The Ubisoft game is now Nintendo Switch's top-selling non-Nintendo title, according to sales numbers from the NPD Group and Chart-Track GFK and reported by Eurogamer.While Nintendo titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 have continued to dominate the sales charts, other third-party games like Super Bomberman R have sold well. Still, Mario + Rabbids has already topped the list since its release at the end of August. Eurogamer al...more

Cy Young Favorite Corey Kluber Has Taken over Best Pitcher in Baseball Throne - 09月21日(木)14:12 

Attention all big league hitters and potential postseason foes: The Klubot is fully activated.          After posting a 4.19 ERA in April and making only one start in May because of a balky back, Corey Kluber has re-morphed into the ace of the Cleveland Indians staff. More than that, as the Tribe streaks toward the playoffs, he's assumed the mantle of best pitcher in baseball. That's a bold statement in a world where Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer and Chris Sale exist. Kluber, however, leads all pitchers with 1.9 WAR over the past 30 days, according to FanGraphs' calcul...more

13 Sequels That Were Bigger, Louder, And Crazier Than The Original Movie - 09月21日(木)05:32 

13 Sequels That Were Bigger, Louder, And Crazier Than The Original MovieWhile the 2014 action spy hit Kingsman: The Secret Service was packed with outlandish action, crazy stuntwork, and ridiculous set-pieces, the sequel outdoes it in pretty much every department. Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters this weekend (check out GameSpot's review here), so we've taken a look at some of the biggest, baddest, and wildest movie sequels ever made… The Road Warrior/Mad Max 2 (1981)Mad Max was a low-budget, small-scale Australian B-movie most notable for introducing the world to Mel Gibson (albe...more

WEAVER、JAL浪漫旅行2017テーマソングを担当! LINE LIVE放送決定! - 09月24日(日)13:00 

WEAVERの新曲「僕のすべて」がJAL浪漫旅行2017 沖縄 「結婚」篇 テーマソングに決定した。幼い時に訪れた沖縄の思い出の地を、成長した家族で再び訪れ、結婚する娘へのメッセージを伝える父の想い。そんなストーリーにマッチした、優しい旋律のバラードとなっている。 また、9月30日にはLINE LIVEにて『WEAVER TV~A/W TOUR篇~』の放送が決定した。ツアー直前のWEAVERが、ツアーグッズの紹介などを行うほか、ツアーに向けた発表もあるかもしれない。いよいよツアー直前に迫ったWEAVER、チケットの一般発売も間近に迫っているので、情報はオフィシャルサイトなどをチェックしていただきたい。■JAL浪漫旅行2017 沖縄 「結婚」篇https://youtu.be/5-v4VwQVNSALINE LIVE『WEAVER TV~A/W TOUR篇~』9月30日 20:00~ https://live.line.me/channels/456/upcoming/5307996全国ツアー『WEAVER 13th TOUR 2017“A/W TOUR~You and I will find Another World~”』10月21日(土) 東京 Zepp DiverCity 10月27日(金) 愛知 ダイアモンドホール 10月29日(日) 大阪 Zepp Osaka B...more

Tucker Barnhart, Reds Agree to 4-Year Contract Extension - 09月22日(金)22:17 

The Cincinnati Reds announced Friday that they agreed to a four-year contract extension with catcher Tucker Barnhart through 2021 with a club option for 2022. Reds general manager Dick Williams said the following about keeping Barnhart in the fold: The 26-year-old is hitting .272 with six home runs and 42 RBI this season. While Barnhart has been a solid contributor for the Reds at the plate, his greatest impact on the game is made defensively. According to Fangraphs, Barnhart is first among catchers in Major League Baseball with 22 Defensive Runs Saved. The next closest backstop is Marti...more

【週刊文春】「小出恵介さんは私が17歳だと知っていた」少女の告白(動画あり)★2 - 09月21日(木)22:14  mnewsplus

今年6月から、17歳の少女と飲酒・淫行に及んだことで無期限謹慎中の俳優・小出恵介(33)。 9月13日、大阪府警は小出を府青少年健全育成条例違反の疑いで書類送検した。 小出は調べに対し、相手の少女・A子さんについて「落ち着いた雰囲気だったので、17歳には見えなかった。年齢は後から気づいた」などと話しているという。 だが、週刊文春は問題発覚直後の6月当初よりA子さんに取材をし、小出はA子さんが17歳であると知っていた、との証言を得ている。 「その場(小出と出会ったバー)には私以外にもう一人、17歳の女の子がいて...

Pat Neshek Criticizes Zack Greinke for Backing Out on Autograph Agreement - 09月21日(木)07:22 

Colorado Rockies relief pitcher Pat Neshek is a major leaguer and colleague of Zack Greinke's, but he was still reportedly upset the Arizona Diamondbacks ace didn't sign autographs for him at the All-Star Game. According to ESPN.com, Neshek posted on a message board on the website SportsCollectors.net using the username "heat17" and criticized Greinke because he "backed out on a promise to sign baseball cards for him." The ESPN.com story called Neshek "a noted autograph hound."             This article will be updated to provide more information on this story as i...more

Devastating footage shows Puerto Rico getting slammed by Hurricane Maria - 09月21日(木)00:20 

Hurricane Maria — the intense Category 4 storm that's reached peak winds of 175 miles — made landfall in Puerto Rico on Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Hurricane Maria may be the most destructive storm in Puerto Rico's history As the storm makes its way across the island, dramatic videos and photographs show the destruction Maria is leaving in its path. From surge flooding to vicious waves and fierce winds, here's a look at the hurricane slamming the grounds of Puerto Rico. This is what it looks like in San Juan as Maria makes landfall near southeast coastal town of Yabucoa at 6:15 am EST wi...more