Video game food is so much more important than you think - 11月24日(金)03:00 

The sun sets earlier and earlier every day. As we approach the shortest and darkest days of the year, we fight back with bright candles, colorful lights, optimistic songs, and delicious video game meals. But in times like these, it's more than just the long nights and wintry winds that threaten to undo us. Every hour, there's a new piece of news that tugs at the seams of our very beings. To fight back the feelings of hopelessness, dread, or fear that follow us every day, we look for escapes. Sometimes that's a new movie where the protagonist finds true love. Or a book where good triumphs over ...more

Dee Gordon Trade Rumors: Giants Discussed Possible Deal; Other Teams Interested - 11月23日(木)09:39 

The San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins discussed including Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon in a potential Giancarlo Stanton trade, FanRag Sports' Jon Heyman confirmed Wednesday. SiriusXM's Craig Mish first reported Monday the Giants and Marlins had preliminary talks about a deal in which Gordon and Stanton would head to San Francisco in return for second baseman Joe Panik, minor league pitcher Tyler Beede and minor league outfielder Chris Shaw. Heyman tweeted, however, the odds of Gordon landing with the Giants may be low, since "other teams have greater [second base] need." Heyman calle...more

Giancarlo Stanton Red Sox Trade Would Set Up Dream HR Rivalry with Aaron Judge - 11月22日(水)21:00 

It's good enough that Major League Baseball has Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge set to go toe-to-toe in pursuit of slugging accolades for many years to come. Even better would be if their rivalry were also a face-to-face affair, with Stanton and Judge on opposite sides of the long-running feud between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Stanton, the National League MVP, and Judge, the American League MVP runner-up, are gigantic right fielders who made impressive shows of launching 59 and 52 home runs, respectively, in 2017. It was hard not to think of them as two very big peas in a...more

What's Next for Roman Reigns After WWE IC Championship Win vs. The Miz? - 11月22日(水)05:08 

Roman Reigns' Intercontinental Championship win on Monday's WWE Raw is a means to pile the momentum on for The Big Dog as he marches toward the main event of WrestleMania 34. In the closing match of Raw in Houston, Reigns blasted The Miz with a spear, leaving the heel on his back, and after a three-count, sans IC title. The Shield member can now add the crown The Miz wore since June to his list of accolades. Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose punctuated the victory by powerbombing The Miz through a table after Raw went off the air. Now what? Where does the black-clad gladiator head ne...more

Beach Boys Singer Mike Love Says Music Could Have Saved Charles Manson's Victims - 11月21日(火)20:00 

The Beach Boys singer Mike Love has nothing but bad feelings about Charles Manson, but he says something about the deceased murderer that is truly shocking. We got Mike in NYC Monday signing autographs, and he told our photog if Manson had a music…

玄関での「正しい靴の脱ぎ方」|モテる女のマナー講座 vol.1 - 11月23日(木)19:15 

せっかくのデートを失敗に終わらせないために、マナーはとても大事。この連載では、気になる男とのデートで「とりあえず、ここだけは押さえておきたい」というマナーをご紹介します。マナーのツボを押さえている女子は、それだけで好印象に 第1回の今回は、彼とのお家デートや彼の実家にご挨拶という場面で役立つマナーをご紹介します。あなたは玄関で靴を脱ぐとき、どんな動作をしていますか?文・並木まき相手に「背中を向けて脱ぐ」のはアウト! 「お邪魔しまーす!」と、よその家に上がる際に、靴のつま先側を玄関扉方向に向けようとして、既にお家の中にいる訪問先の方にお尻を向けて靴を脱ぐのはNG。 相手に背を向けていることになり、失礼にあたります。 では、どうやって脱ぐのが正解……? 正解 玄関から入った向きのまま靴を脱ぎ、一度家に上がってから体の向きを変え、靴を揃えるのが正しいマナー。 このとき、訪問先の相手に完全に背中を向けるのではなく、斜めに向き膝をつきます。 そして、脱いだ靴のつま先側を、玄関扉の方へ向け揃えましょう。 さて、整えた靴は、玄関のどのあたりに置いておくのが正しいのでしょうか? 脱いだ靴は玄関の「下座」へ! 靴を脱いだ後、玄関の中央に揃えておくのは、GOODマナーとは言えません。 玄関にも、“上座”と“下座”があり、それは下駄箱を基準に判断します。 上に花瓶や雑貨を置かれており、下駄箱が飾り...more

MLB Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz on Giancarlo Stanton, Ian Kinsler and More - 11月23日(木)00:00 

Major League Baseball's 2017 season ended just three weeks ago, yet it feels like the game never left because of all the rumors and rumblings of what could be happening before teams arrive at spring training in February.  Trades are always more complex than free-agent signings because they require at least one team to take on, depending on the player, a lot of existing money on a contract and give up significant pieces of their future to make a deal happen.  There are always teams on the verge of competing for a World Series or playoff spot that want to make a big splash. On the othe...more

NASA Releases Last Cassini Image Of Saturn And Its Rings - 11月22日(水)13:41 

Two days before it plunged into the thick atmosphere of Saturn, ending its 13-year mission to the gas giant system, NASA’s spacecraft Cassini took its last complete set of images that show the planet and its rings in all their glory. The space agency released a mosaic of those images Tuesday. Made of 42 images, taken separately in red, green and blue light by Cassini’s wide-angle camera Sept. 13, the mosaic shows Saturn and its rings from one end to the other. The photographs were combined to produce the natural-color image released by NASA.

Manny Machado's Already Huge $400M Free-Agent Value May Soon Rise Even Higher - 11月21日(火)21:00 

There may be nearly a whole year in between now and then, but it's a given that Manny Machado will be up for a gigantic payday if and when he hits free agency next winter. It could be even more of a given if he's able to market himself as a shortstop. This is assuming that Machado, who's presently known as a three-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove winner at third base, doesn't forgo the 2018-19 free-agent market by signing a contract extension with the Baltimore Orioles. It's also assuming that the Orioles make good on an intriguing idea. As reported by Peter Gammons at Gamm...more

Nacho Monreal Compares Arsenal Team-Mate Alexis Sanchez to NBA Star LeBron James - 11月21日(火)17:54 

Arsenal defender Nacho Monreal has talked up the influence of his team-mate, Alexis Sanchez, at the Emirates Stadium, insisting he has a similar impact on his side to that of Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star LeBron James. Monreal was discussing Sanchez after his mesmeric display in the 2-0 win over rivals Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. The Chilean netted the second goal and pulled Spurs apart with some of his attacking play. "I think Alexis Sanchez is the LeBron James of the Premier League," said Monreal, per Owen Fulda of the Daily Star. "He is one of the best players in the league and I h...more