Fantasy Football Week 3 Rankings: Matchups We Love and Player Stat Projections - 09月22日(金)23:00 

Fantasy football owners enter the major portion of Week 3 with a sense of hope.  After weeks of dud offensive performances mostly making up the biggest story, the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers played to a 41-39 affair in favor of the latter. There, Rams running back Todd Gurley put up 32.90 points and 49ers back Carlos Hyde countered with 21.40 points. L.A. quarterback Jared Goff went for 23.58.  A shootout between a pair of rebuilding teams might not inspire some, but points are points at this stage of what has been a down season so far. And based on Gurley's early resurg...more

Star Trek Discovery: How And Where To Watch - 09月21日(木)23:58 

The next installment in the Star Trek franchise is coming to a television near you on Sunday, September 24. However, watching the entire first season won't be as simple as flipping on your television to CBS, as the new series will be part of its new streaming service, CBS All Access. Here is everything you need to know in order to watch the new show.The First Episode Will Air On CBSEveryone with a television--as long as you have a service to get channels, like cable or an antenna--will be able to watch the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery. The first episode of the series will air on CBS o...more

NFL Predictions Week 3: Picks and Projections for Top Underdogs' Upset Bids - 09月21日(木)00:00 

At a glance, the Week 3 NFL schedule doesn't seem to leave much wiggle room for NFL bettors who like the idea of rolling with underdogs for higher payouts.   Then again, neither did Week 2 before the Carolina Panthers struggled against the Buffalo Bills in 9-3 fashion or the Seattle Seahawks had a hard time with the San Francisco 49ers in a 12-9 eyesore.  But so goes the trick of walking the tightrope, right? There is more risk involved in rolling with a built-in underdog, considering oddsmakers construct the lines to protect the house.  There are whiffs this early in the season...more

NFL Predictions Week 3: Top Odds, Picks, Projections for Every Game on Schedule - 09月20日(水)00:00 

It's always a wake-up call at the beginning of each new NFL season to remember that it takes a few weeks for these teams to get into their strides and start putting some compelling product on the field.  But, man, it feels like a slow start this year.  Week 2 held more surprises and flipped scripts in the NFL, from whatever it was we saw on Thursday Night Football between the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals to the Green Bay Packers struggling mightily and losing by double digits in prime time to the Atlanta Falcons.  Big Ben and the Steelers offense are lackluster. The Col...more

NFL Power Rankings Week 3: Updated Records, 2017-18 Super Bowl Odds - 09月19日(火)03:00 

The NFL regained a sense of normalcy in Week 2.   After an eye-opening Week 1 where big names like the New England Patriots went down, Tom Brady and other usual suspects turned it around and regained momentum both in the power rankings and in the minds of oddsmakers out of Las Vegas.   Still, would-be bettors when it comes to Super Bowl lines have plenty of wiggle room here as the oddsmakers try to sort through each team and adjust for results while pairing them with projections. An inexact science, of course, but it appears there are plenty of quality lines worth examing after a loo...more

J-WAVEとLeSportsacが1987年生まれ限定招待のイベントを開催!マリエと鈴木ありさ(スペシャルティ・ケーキデザイナー)が公開収録に登場! - 09月22日(金)17:00 

[株式会社J-WAVE] [画像1: https://prtimes.jp/i/25404/117/resize/d25404-117-621569-4.jpg ] [画像2: https://prtimes.jp/i/25404/117/resize/d25404-117-790499-3.jpg ] FMラジオ局J-WAVE(81.3FM)とN.Y発ブランドのレスポ...

NFL TV Schedule 2017: Coverage Map, Times, Live-Stream Listings for Week 3 - 09月21日(木)21:00 

We're about to head into Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season, but we're still waiting to watch some really compelling football. Sure, there have been some watchable moments so far in the young season. Most of them have involved the AFC West, and particularly the Denver Broncos, who appear to be one of the few NFL teams not suffering from a preseason hangover to open the season.   Fellow AFC West team, the Kansas City Chiefs, have also looked fantastic to start the season behind the push of rookie rusher Kareem Hunt.   But as teams start to get into a groove, and as more division rivalries ...more

Week 3 NFL Picks: Vegas Betting Odds, Over/Under Spreads and Line Projections - 09月20日(水)01:00 

The NFL didn't make it any easier on would-be bettors in Week 2.  Plenty of examples exist, though perhaps the most noteworthy is what looked like a line resembling a softball over the plate. The San Francisco 49ers visiting the Seattle Seahawks seemed obvious enough, right?  Favored by as many as 14 points and it not seeming too unrealistic, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks hardly escaped with a 12-9 victory.  Not every game will be so dramatic or burn bettors. Some likely even capitalized on the line, showcasing how imperfect a process oddsmakers go through when setting the lin...more

里田まい、さんまと夫・田中投手の3ショット公開「最高で夢のような幸せな時間」 - 09月19日(火)14:31 

ニューヨーク在住のタレント・里田まいが19日、お笑いタレントの明石家さんまと夫でNYヤンキース所属の田中将大投手の試合を観戦したことを自身のブログで報告した。 「さんまさん 2017」と題したブログで里田は「今年も明石家さんまさんとNYでお会いすることが出来ました。2014年の渡米以来、毎年お会いさせていただき、本当に嬉しいです」と報告。「しかも今年は、ヤンキースタジアムでさんまさんと試合観戦ご一緒させていただきました。しかも、夫の試合を」と感激をつづった。 続けて「さんまさんや、さんまさんのお仲間の皆様が、たくさん応援してくださるので、本当に心強かったですし、ヤンキースは勝って、最高で夢のような幸せな時間でした!」「別の日は、さんまさん御一行とお食事ご一緒させていただけて、沢山笑って笑ってこれまた幸せでした」と楽しい時間を過ごしたことを報告した。 さらに「さんまさん、皆さん、本当にありがとうございました!」と明石家さんま、里田、田中投手との3ショット、観戦中に撮った明石家さんまとの2ショットを公開。「スタッフさんがわざわざ作ってプレゼントしてくださったスタジャン!すごく可愛い。ヤンキースタジアムに着ていかなきゃ」と『Sanmars』とデザインされたスタジャンの写真を公開した。 この報告に「流石、さんまさん!どこでも神対応してるんですネ!」「なんて豪華なんだろう!ま...more

NFL Predictions Week 2: Last-Minute Picks and Advice for Sunday's Schedule - 09月17日(日)22:00 

The Kansas City Chiefs were the biggest story in Week 1 of the NFL season, as Andy Reid's team went into Foxborough, Massachusetts, and whipped the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots shortly after they raised their fifth Super Bowl championship banner. The Chiefs demonstrated a surprising efficiency and explosiveness on offense and harassed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with their aggressive defense. What can the Chiefs do for an encore in Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles? The Chiefs are 5.5-point favorites to beat the Eagles at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday, according to Odd...more






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