Etc: 【ビデオ】どうなる無限対決! ホンダ「CR-Z MUGEN」vs アリエル「アトム」無限仕様 - 05月28日(日)11:00 

Filed under: ビデオ, ホンダ, ハイブリッド, その他の自動車ショー, アフターマーケット, パフォーマンス無限とホンダ、この2社の相性は、例えて言うならアップルパイとバニラアイスだ。アップルパイはもちろん単独でもイケるが、冷たいアイスクリームを添えれば、そのおいしさは、さらにアップする。そんな"味わい"を実現したモデルが、グッドウッド・フェスティバル・オブ・スピード 2011にお目見えした。無限がホンダ「CR-Zハイブリッド」に独自のチューンを施した2台のコンセプトカーだ。 Continue reading 【ビデオ】どうなる無限対決! ホンダ「CR-Z MUGEN」vs アリエル「アトム」無限仕様【ビデオ】どうなる無限対決! ホンダ「CR-Z MUGEN」vs アリエル「アトム」無限仕様 originally appeared on Autoblog Japan on Sat, 27 May 2017 22:00:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.Permalink | Email this | Comments

Houston Astros may finally have what it takes to win World Series - 05月28日(日)09:05 

Nearly a third of the way through the season, Houston boasts a nine-game lead in the AL West. And it may finally have what it takes to win a World Series.

Homer Simpson inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. D'oh! - 05月28日(日)07:15 

Although it's no longer "America's favorite pastime," baseball is still at the heart of the county's popular culture and, along those lines, its Hall of Fame just hit a home run by adding Homer Simpson to its ranks.  SEE ALSO: Oculus founder thinks this wild anime film is the likely future of AR On Saturday, the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, added the animated character to its list of greats, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the episode "Homer at Bat," which aired in February of 1992.  A legendary reunion to celebrate Homer's "induction" into the Hall of Fame....more

どのようにして子どもたちは「価値のないもの」から「プライスレスでかけがえのないもの」になったのか? - 05月28日(日)07:00 

「人間の価値」は非常に抽象的なものですが、「訴訟」においては人間の価値が経済的な価値に換算されます。そこでライターのAlex Mayyasiさんは、事故によって子どもを亡くした両親が訴訟によって過失ある当事者からどのくらいの賠償額を得ることができるのかを調査。1896年からの賠償額の変遷を調べたところ、興味深いことがわかりました。続きを読む...

This was a big week for blockchain - 05月28日(日)06:33 

GUEST: I just spent four days at two of the most important conferences in the emerging blockchain/crypto-currency space. One was Consensus. The other Token Summit. I had about 100 conversations with people who are at the epicenter of the blockchain wave, including one of the approximately 35 people in the world who make up the Bitcoin Core team that’s responsible for the protocol’s upkeep. It’s going to take a few weeks or months to totally get my head around all this, but here are a few important themes I observed: Bitcoin hits escape velocity There was a unspoken sense that this thing we cal...more

マツダのハッチバック「アクセラスポーツ」とクロスオーバー「CX-3」、どちらを選ぶ!? - 05月28日(日)10:00 

Filed under: ハッチバック, クロスオーバー/ CUV, マツダ【ギャラリー】2016 Mazda CX-3: First Drive35 話題性で言えば、北朝鮮や世界の飢餓、中東和平には及ばないが、コンパクトハッチとクロスオーバーのどちらを選ぶべきかという論争は、依然として米国版Autoblog編集部の廊下で響き渡っている。そしておそらく、そういった論争は、マツダの「アクセラスポーツ」と「CX-3」が展示されているショールームでも巻き起こっていることだろう。販売店では2つのモデルを見比べるだけでなく、価格表も並べて検討する楽しみ(あるいは人によっては悩み?)がある。 Continue reading マツダのハッチバック「アクセラスポーツ」とクロスオーバー「CX-3」、どちらを選ぶ!?マツダのハッチバック「アクセラスポーツ」とクロスオーバー「CX-3」、どちらを選ぶ!? originally appeared on Autoblog Japan on Sat, 27 May 2017 21:00:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.Permalink | Email this | Comments

Labour Vows More U.K. Police, Intelligence Staff to Reverse Cuts - 05月28日(日)08:01 

U.K. opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised his party will boost police, intelligence and security staff after criticizing Theresa May’s government for cutting police budgets as the Manchester terrorist attack became the central issue of the election campaign.

5 Medical Procedures We're Glad No Longer Exist - 05月28日(日)07:00 

Surgeries and treatments come and go. A new BMJ guideline, for example, makes “strong recommendations” against the use of arthroscopic surgery for certain knee conditions. But while this key-hole surgery may slowly be scrapped in some cases due to its ineffectiveness, a number of historic “cures” fell out of favour because they were more akin to a method of torture. Here are five of the most extraordinary and unpleasant.

Chelsea Transfer News: Eden Hazard Comments On Romelu Lukaku Rumours - 05月28日(日)06:41 

Eden Hazard has declared Chelsea may not have enough financial power to re-sign summer target Romelu Lukaku after he signs a new contract with the newly crowned Premier League champions. The 26-year-old spoke to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad and confirmed he's in talks with the west Londoners regarding a contract extension at Stamford Bridge, hinting he may ignore any transfer rumours to remain in his current setting (h/t Metro's Chris Davie): "At this moment, there's nothing on the table. We're waiting for the end of the season. I'm still calm. We will talk. If not, then we'll see. For the...more

HIV Infections May Cause Brain Damage And Learning Difficulties - 05月28日(日)06:00 

We are aware of the devastating effect HIV can have on the immune system, but a new studysuggests the virus may also adversely affect brain development.






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