Seniors not utilizing cheaper post-hospitalization options: Study - 02月24日(土)04:51 

Less expensive care options for seniors recovering from severe and complex illnesses after hospitalization are not being utilized, according to new research.

Senator Calls Out Big Pharma For Opposing Legal Marijuana - 02月24日(土)03:03 

Sen. Kirsten GIllibrand is calling out opioid companies for opposing the legalization of marijuana, which she says "could be treatment for a lot of folks."

Why Voice-Activated Shopping Will Dramatically Change the Retail Business - 02月24日(土)01:28 

“Alexa, disrupt the retail market, please.” Voice-activated assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are still in the process of being widely embraced by consumers, especially in regard to completing purchases. But in the next three years, the tools will likely shape — and service — the retail market in response to rising consumer demands for enhanced customer service, Capgemini predicted in its report “Conversational Commerce: Why Consumers Are Embracing Voice Assistants in Their Lives.” “Today, around a quarter [24 percent] say they would use a voice assistant rather than a website...more

Olympic Figure Skating 2018: Full Results and All Medal Winners from Pyeongchang - 02月23日(金)14:29 

It was a brilliant fight to the finish for Russian skaters Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva in the ladies' figure skating finals in Pyeongchang, and while the result was exhilarating for the 15-year-old Zagitova, it was likely quite painful for the 18-year-old Medvedeva. The battle went down to the wire as both women turned in brilliant performances in the free skate on the final night of skating at Gangneung Ice Arena. In the end, Zagitova edged Medvedeva by just over one point for the gold medal, 239.57-238.26. Zagitova's slim advantage over her rival was based on the difference in ...more

Why Personalization & Mobile Commerce Are More Important Than Ever - 02月23日(金)04:09 

For retailers and brands, the holiday shopping season often requires a bit of patience — and waiting with bated breath to see if deployed solutions do, in fact, work. This past season was no exception. If anything, the message was overwhelmingly clear: AI-powered personalization and mobile commerce have been cemented in the market as necessary. According to Salesforce data, Christmas Day saw the highest rise in mobile shopping, with 68 percent of traffic and 50 percent of orders coming from a mobile device. What’s more, according to the tech provider’s analysis, 62 percent of all traffic and 4...more

3 ways to revitalize your digital marketing program - 02月24日(土)03:18 

Ever hit a performance plateau? Contributor Elizabeth Laird looks at four ways to jumpstart your marketing efforts when you’re stuck and spinning your wheels. The post 3 ways to revitalize your digital marketing program appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

The BoF Podcast: Inside the Business of Red Carpet Dressing With Elizabeth Saltzman - 02月24日(土)02:40 

Fresh off the BAFTAs' heels, the celebrity stylist and Vanity Fair contributing editor sits down with Imran Amed to discuss her 30 years in the industry and the impact of the #MeToo movement.  

バスタイムのちょっとした一手間でポカポカあったか♪冷え性を改善して美ボディに! - 02月23日(金)21:01 

冷え性で悩んでいる女性、結構多いのではないでしょうか?冷えた身体のままだと、太りやすくなってしまったり、お肌にも良くなかったりしますよね。そんな冷え性を改善するために、いつもより少しバスタイムを工夫すると良いんです!今回は、ぽかぽかあったかくなれちゃう、おすすめの入浴方法をご紹介させて頂きたいと思います♪身体を温める入浴方法♪liza54500/Shutterstock.comただ身体をキレイにするというだけではなく、身体の芯から温まって、キレイになれたら良いですよね♪キレイになるには、冷え性改善が大切!そのためには、どのような事に気を付けて入浴すればいいのでしょうか?  ちょっと熱めがいい!?SanRan/Shutterstock.comぬるめのお湯、38℃くらいのお湯にゆっくり浸かる…というのが今までの定番の入浴方法だったんですが、ちょっと熱めのお湯も効果抜群なんだそうです♪ だいたい41℃から42℃くらいのお湯にじっくりと浸かると、血管が広がっていきます。血管が開くと、血流は良くなってきますよね!これで、しっかりと身体を温めることができるんです♪ できれば10分から15分くらい入っているのがおすすめですよ!  手浴・足浴も効果抜群!PRImageFactory/shutterstock.com普通に湯船...more

Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition Review: Antique Revival - 02月23日(金)05:00 

Booting up Age of Empires: Definitive Edition for the first time is immediately surprising. The original game launched more than two decades ago, but it's been refined and revived for 2018, ready for modern audiences--or at least old players with new PCs and missing CD keys. It begins with pomp as a curt opening trailer plays, showing off the upgraded visuals and the new, orchestral score. As a returning player, that moment feels like coming home.Starting with the launch of Age of Empires II: HD Edition, Microsoft Game Studios has been working to update the series, even adding plenty of new co...more

3 Hot London Runway Trends You’ll Be Wearing This Fall - 02月23日(金)03:03 

These are the hottest London shoe trends you will be wearing next season. However, with see-now-buy-now continuing apace, two of them are already available on the high street. Magpie maximalism Richard Quinn fall ’18. If this trend were a drink it would be an extravagant cocktail involving at least six shots of assorted spirits plus a tequila chaser. Fortunately the shoe version has fewer calories and less chance of a hangover but it’s just as likely to have you dancing on the table after hours at Mayfair hotspot Isabel’s. Introvert types might want to sit this one out, but if you&...more






LIZA(リーザ、本名: Liza Kennedy〈リーザ・ケネディ〉、1989年7月5日 - )は、日本女性ファッションモデル西ドイツハンブルク生まれ。所属事務所はオスカープロモーション