Gen 3 Showcases A Problem With 'Pokémon GO' Moving Forward - 10月23日(月)01:05 

Pokemon GO launched on the strength of the original 150, but future generations may not have the same kind of draw for its millions of players.

All The Nintendo Switch Game Demos Out Now - 10月21日(土)23:00 

Nintendo Switch is a wonderful system with more quality games than you might realize. But there are numerous ways in which Switch could improve, and that's especially true of the Eshop. A recent update finally introduced a way to see what's on sale--on the rare occasion that something is discounted--but the Switch's online store still needs work.Among other things, it could use a way to look at all of the demos that are available for download. Nintendo has relied on its News channel to convey certain Eshop information, but that's just not ideal; if you're picking up a system late or haven't ch...more

「紙兎ロペ×BORUTO」スペシャルムービーが公開! 関東のTOHOシネマズで上映開始 - 10月21日(土)15:39 

株式会社KITERETSUが展開するアニメシリーズ「紙兎ロペ」と、大人気アニメ作品「BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXTGENERATIONS」がコラボレーションしたスペシャル動画を東京、千葉、神奈川、埼玉のTOHOシネマズ(錦糸町を除く)で映画上映前ムービーとして、10月14日(土)から上映中だ。

Sonic Funko Pops Are Coming Because Of Course They Are - 10月20日(金)06:28 

Having already created adorable-looking figures for just about everything under the sun, toy company Funko has now announced Pop toys for Sonic the Hedgehog. These will include keychains and the vinyl toys that the company is perhaps best known for.The keychain is of Sonic himself, though Funko wasn't ready to share a final image of what this will look like. As for the vinyl toys, there are two versions of Sonic (one holding an emerald and the other a gold ring), along with a figure based on the evil Dr. Eggman. These will be available widely at launch in December, though there will be some re...more

Mr.Children「himawari」他9本【YouTubeランキング国内音楽動画・10月】 - 10月19日(木)16:00 

ブレイカー☓ガジェット通信コラボ企画、音楽動画ランキング10月号です。YouTube動画の中から独自のランキングを抽出。今回の動画は、Mr.Children「himawari」他9本、集計期間は2017年9月1日から9月30日まで。 ▼ランキングの続きはガジェット通信のサイトで御覧ください。記事内で動画再生できます▼ 1.Mr.Children「himawari」Music Video Mr.Children「himawari」Music Video 【動画URL】https://youtu.be/_kXE9FHQy9E(YouTube) 2.乃木坂46 『いつかできるから今日できる』 19th Single「いつかできるから今日できる」2017.10.11 RELEASE!! 【動画URL】https://youtu.be/kVxljIgOKXo(YouTube) 3. AAA / 「LIFE」Music Video 初の4大ドームツアー開催中!AAAのニューシングル☆ 【動画URL】https://youtu.be/1Xc9VpB4jaE(YouTube) 4.amazarashi『空に歌えば』“Singin’ to the Sky” Music Video|「僕のヒーローアカデミア」OP曲 amazarashi 「空に歌えば」2017.09.06 Relea...more

Natural Selection May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic Mutation To Die Out - 10月22日(日)05:55 

In a world filled with natural disasters, war, and growing risk of incurable infections, one study is shining a little ray of hope that perhaps the future won’t be as grim as we imagine. The study  found subtle evidence to suggest that certain genetic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and asthma, may be weeded out by natural selection. Sure, it may take a few thousand years, but at least our future generations would have something to look forward to.

Marine Corps Marathon 2017: Route, Course Map, Times, Event Details - 10月21日(土)20:00 

On your mark, get set, go.  Around 30,000 people will hear those words before setting off on a 26.2 mile route in the 42nd Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday morning, with the race ending in Arlington, Virginia.  The route will take runners across the Potomac into Georgetown and Rock Creek Park. The race is set to kickoff at 7:55 a.m. ET Sunday. For a full schedule of events, click here. If you're not participating in Sunday's race, it would be wise to stay off the roads in case of traffic and road closures. Washington D.C. police tweeted out a full list of road closures and area...more

Why VCs shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Heartland startups - 10月20日(金)07:20 

GUEST: A doctor in Boston touches a screen to assess a patient’s infection risk. A banker in New York wires $1 million to London with a few keystrokes. A student in San Francisco cracks her first quadratic equation on a tablet. And they all did it with software from … Wisconsin. Most people are surprised when we mention these examples of high tech from the Heartland, because the story of American entrepreneurship has shifted overwhelmingly to the coastal tech hotbeds in California, Massachusetts, and New York. But Wisconsin — home to banking software giant Fiserv, hospital el...more

Focusing On Family Harmony At Two Generations Of Single-Family Offices - 10月19日(木)19:44 

In a survey of 199 single-family office senior executives, slightly less than half of them noted that their super-rich family holds a strong desire for family harmony. This was more the case among 1st generations single-family offices than 2nd generation single-family offices.

Shadow Of War Dominates The Australia/New Zealand Sales Charts - 10月19日(木)14:22 

The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) today released the latest sales physical game sales charts for Australia and New Zealand. For the week ended October 15, the No. 1 best-seller in both regions is no surprise: Middle-earth: Shadow of War. It topped the all-platforms charts in both countries, while it was also No. 1 on the console-specific charts for every platform it was released on. In Australia, the top five best-sellers on the all-platforms chart was rounded out by FIFA 18, The Evil Within 2, NBA 2K18, and WWE 2K18, in that order. In New Zealand, the top five in or...more