FIFA 18: Full Review of Gameplay, The Journey Season 2, Ultimate Team and More - 09月21日(木)13:00 

FIFA 18 cannot fail. With Cristiano Ronaldo emblazoned on the front cover, a quickly evolving esports scene and the continued adventures of Alex Hunter, the series will continue to dominate the sales of competitor PES 2018 without needing to work too hard. At this point, the plethora of real-world licenses, player likenesses and branding deals almost secures the market on its own, but it would be doing EA Canada an injustice to suggest the developers are resting on their laurels. FIFA 18 ushers in plenty of change to the on-pitch action, making this a more technical and tactical game than bef...more

NHL 18 Review - 09月21日(木)09:06 

After stumbling on current gen consoles starting with NHL 15, the NHL series is starting to hit its stride, with a wide variety of improvements and additions to the core game in recent iterations. In NHL 18, most of these improvements are aimed at new or casual players, but hardcore hockey heads haven't been forgotten. From its generous list of modes ranging from full-season to the exciting NHL Threes, to how the action on the ice feels smooth and deliberate, NHL 18 is a fun yet accessible sports game.When you're out on the ice, NHL 18 feels fantastic. There's a feeling of weight to the player...more

13 Sequels That Were Bigger, Louder, And Crazier Than The Original Movie - 09月21日(木)05:32 

13 Sequels That Were Bigger, Louder, And Crazier Than The Original MovieWhile the 2014 action spy hit Kingsman: The Secret Service was packed with outlandish action, crazy stuntwork, and ridiculous set-pieces, the sequel outdoes it in pretty much every department. Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters this weekend (check out GameSpot's review here), so we've taken a look at some of the biggest, baddest, and wildest movie sequels ever made… The Road Warrior/Mad Max 2 (1981)Mad Max was a low-budget, small-scale Australian B-movie most notable for introducing the world to Mel Gibson (albe...more

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Character Tips - 09月21日(木)05:16 

Infinite Heroes and VillainsWith 30 characters at your disposal in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, there are some tough decisions to make. How will you fill out your team of two? Will you go slow and powerful like Thanos and Nemesis, or quick and nimble like Spider-Man and Nova? Choices don't end there either. You'll also need to figure out which Power Stone fits your characters. Check out this quick character to guide to give you the basics on each character, along with their strengths and weaknesses.Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more thoughts on...more

WWE Forcing Fans to Hate Jinder Mahal for All the Wrong Reasons - 09月21日(木)03:55 

WWE's characterization of Jinder Mahal has become SmackDown's most discordant song. The Maharaja's rants against his rival, Shinsuke Nakamura, are simply off and offensive. Rather than generate interest in Mahal's upcoming battle with Nakamura, these racially charged promos have put the attention on WWE's writers and the outdated playbook from which they are drawing. Mahal and Nakamura are set to clash for the WWE Championship at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on Oct. 8.  To this point, theirs is not a story of vengeance or pride, legacy or redemption. It's boiled down to ...more

CHAI、アメリカでアイスほおばる7inchジャケ&「PINK」購入者特典発表 - 09月21日(木)12:00 

CHAIが10月11日にFLAKE RECORDSよりリリースするアナログ7inchシングル「N.E.O. / sayonara complex」のジャケットアートワークが公開された。

Siri on iOS 11 still has a long way to go - 09月21日(木)07:10 

What has Apple really done to improve Siri? To be honest, I’m not sure. After testing it for an entire day since Tuesday’s iOS 11 release, mostly on an iPad 9.7-inch and an iPhone 7 Plus, it’s obvious Siri is not a major priority for the company, even if some of the features are improved. What has changed is a good sign; what hasn’t makes Siri behind the times. First, this is not a complete overview of Siri. My intention is to find out whether the new version — one that can now talk more like a human and translate phrases — is really ready to take on the big...more

iOS’s early AR games play with perspective and pigeons - 09月21日(木)05:30 

Augmented reality is one of the most talked-about features of the iOS 11 launch. When Apple unveiled its ARKit, it told developers it wanted to make iOS the “the largest AR platform in the world.” Studios have published apps and games that are testing out new features and playing with the new tech, but as with virtual reality, developers will face the challenge of designing user interfaces and mechanics to fully utilize AR in an intuitive way. Our roundup yesterday highlighted a few of the titles that are coming out, and here are a few more that are tackling the UI challenge in dif...more

Artificial intelligence still requires intelligence - 09月21日(木)04:20 

GUEST: In the world of business and design, we have started using terms like “algorithm” and “machine learning” as magic calculations for problems we would like to gloss over. These terms often become blockers for deeper problem solving and can stall even the most worthwhile projects. “We’ll figure it out with an algorithm” used generally is similar to the fantastic conversations my daughter and I had when she was six. She would come up with inventions for amazing things like solar power in a backpack and magic windows. If she wanted to skip over somet...more

Life Is Strange Dev's Vampyr Delayed Due To "Technical Issue" - 09月21日(木)02:18 

Vampyr, the upcoming story-driven action game from Life Is Strange developer Dontnod, has been delayed into "spring 2018." The game was originally scheduled to come out in November 2017 but, in a press release, the studio said a "technical issue" has resulted in the need for extra time."Delaying the release of a project you hold dear is always a tough decision," said Oskar Guilbert, chief executive of the studio. "However, we believe that meeting a deadline should never compromise quality. We were still convinced just a few weeks ago that we would be able to release Vampyr this year. Unfortuna...more










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