Kim Jong Un at truck plant: Sanctions make our workers' spirit stronger - 11月22日(水)01:55 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected a local car industry complex Tuesday and emphasized its role in efforts to foster the communist nation's economy.

Playment raises $1.6 million to improve AI training through crowdsourced data tagging - 11月22日(水)00:00 

EXCLUSIVE: While the tech community is busy trying to automate everything it can through AI-powered bots and machines, Playment relies on human intelligence to provide training data for computer vision and machine learning. The Bangalore, India-based startup announced today that it has raised $1.6 million from investors that include Y Combinator, Sparkland Capital, SAIF Partners, and angel investors Ryan Peterson and Max Altman. Founded in 2015 by ex-Flipkart employees, Playment relies on a community of 250,000 remote contributors (based in India) who annotate images, tag objects, analyze text...more

Meet Larry Prout, the Teenager Who's Become the Heartbeat of Michigan Football - 11月21日(火)22:30 

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Larry eases himself out of his father's black Saturn Astra and into his red wheelchair. He throws on his blue Michigan beanie and blue-and-maize wide receiver gloves. He carefully eases a white Michigan jersey over his gray Orange Bowl fleece. His last name—"Prout"—is etched across the back, just above the No. 8. His feet, outfitted in blue Jordan Brand gym shoes, dangle from the chair as he waits for his game day to begin. The fact that he is even here, in the shadow of Michigan Stadium on a cold Saturday in early November, is a moment in itself.  &nb...more

Show 'mercy' on rule breakers at traffic stops: Pope Francis - 11月21日(火)15:22 

Meeting with Italian traffic representatives, the Pope spoke of increasingly complex reality on roads

Augmented reality will transform city life - 11月21日(火)08:30 

GUEST: It’s understandable to feel underwhelmed by augmented reality thus far; AR won’t really become interesting and practical in a mass market way until it can do more than just place 3D objects on tables. Despite this, AR is already changing our urban lives, even if the technology’s effects aren’t being felt at a mass scale yet. I’ve interviewed three AR entrepreneurs who explain three key ways that AR is set to transform urban living. The real world will be indexed Google has undoubtedly changed billions of lives. By indexing the web, Google has enabled us to find virtually anything we nee...more

Planning To Do An ICO? Don't Forget About Taxes - 11月22日(水)01:05 

There's a lot to learn if you're a blockchain entrepreneur or start-up and are thinking about using an ICO to raise capital for your project. When sorting through the technical complexities and regulatory pitfalls, don't forget about the potential tax consequences ofraising money with an ICO.

ソフトウェアの複雑さを「意図指向プログラミング」で管理する - 11月21日(火)23:40 

【編集部注】著者のUri SaridはMuleSoftのCTOである。(この著者による他の記事:The last thing the API economy needs is copyright friction) ソフトウェアの魔法は失われつつある。私たちが単に現在のアプローチから多くを望みすぎているのだ。結果として、ソフトウェア開発者たちは複雑さとの戦いに敗れつつある。そしてそれはしばしば自覚されていない。しばしば、小さな失敗が他の小さな失敗の上に積み重なり、消費者の生活だけでなくビジネスシーンも、簡単になるというよりも不満が募るものとなる。 たとえば、Appleの製品はバギーなものになりつつあり、旅行は今だに悪夢であり、コールセンターでの経験は、私たちに人工知能と人間知能の両方を疑わせるものになっている。 魔法をソフトウェアに取り戻すためには、開発たちは、望ましい結果を得るためにシステムの中を一歩一歩歩き回ることを、やめる必要がある。その代わりに、システムが分刻みで大規模かつ複雑になる中で、開発者たちは、レイヤーの利用、意図指向(intent-oriented)アルゴリズム、そして人工知能(AI)を利用して、ソフトウェア自体をより自律的なものにする必要があるのだ。 1歩下がって眺めてみるならば、魔法の一部が失われているのはさほど驚くべきことではない。私たちはソフトウェアへの...more

Why Hasn't Lionel Messi Signed a New Contract at Barcelona? - 11月21日(火)16:20 

The clock is ticking in Barcelona. There is little over a month to go before Lionel Messi—whose contract with Barca is running down—is free to negotiate with other clubs for a transfer. Barca announced in July that Messi's contract renewal has been agreed, per Diario Sport (in Spanish), a position endorsed by the head coach Ernesto Valverde at a press conference on Friday. However, none of Messi, his father Jorge Messi—who acts as his manager—or a member of the player's legal team has made a statement confirming the deal. In the absence of an official announcemen...more

How to charm the bots in charge of hiring for your dream job - 11月21日(火)09:10 

GUEST: As artificial intelligence technology rapidly evolves to transform industries like health care and virtually assist people’s lives, the hope is matched by concern about the displacement of human roles. At the same time, deployed AI platforms in today’s business world augment processes at a more rapid pace than they replace them. While we’ve yet to determine the exact impact of AI, a recent report from the World Economic Forum estimates automation will replace at least 5 million jobs by 2022. One thing is clear today: AI is driving fundamental changes in how people cond...more

To buy, to sell, to hold: Know your investments inside out - 11月21日(火)06:29 

There is a wealth of ways to invest your money, but let’s face it: you probably don’t have endless time to figure them all out. And with time at a premium, using energy to keep abreast of the ins and outs of your investment portfolio can seem impossible. Although Singaporeans are on average earning more each year, the global market hasn’t been as successful recently — and that’s enough to give anyone pause before approaching today’s complex investment landscape. One way to get to grips with the investment climate is to take advantage of a smart investment to...more










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