No more ‘roasted husband’ and ‘deformed man toilet’: China clamps down on poor translations - 06月23日(金)01:34 

Inventively mangled foreign-language versions of signs and menus have become an iconic feature of China, but the government is imposing a compulsory list of 3,500 common translated phrases for public use in a bid to rid the country of Chinglish. Read Full Article at RT.com

China raises heat over foreign investment - 06月22日(木)20:34 

The authorities in China have reportedly stepped up efforts to clamp down on firms' overseas investment.

Logitech G433 Headset Unboxing and Impressions - 06月21日(水)22:00 

The Logitech G433 HeadsetThe Logitech G433 HeadsetWe have the Logitech G433 headset and spent several hours listening to music, playing games, and using these on the go. It's branded as a "lifestyle" headset because of its modular features, light weight, and minimalist design. While it has the makings of everyday headphones, these are ultimately built for gaming.The G433 can be used with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack, though the USB dongle provides PC users with DTS Headphone:X capabilities.We'll discuss whether or not its features, audio quality, and ergonomics warrant the $100 USD price...more

Trump to clamp down on Cuba travel, trade, curbing Obama's detente - 06月16日(金)14:06 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Friday will announce plans to tighten restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba and clamp down on U.S. business dealings with the island’s military, rolling back parts of former President Barack Obama’s historic opening to Havana.

Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe: Preview, Predictions for Universal Champ's Return - 06月13日(火)01:07 

Brock Lesnar will seek his pound of flesh from Samoa Joe in the universal champion's first WWE Raw appearance since the night after WrestleMania 33. This will be no "Lesnar stands menacingly in the ring while Paul Heyman does the talking" appearance. The Beast Incarnate will storm back into the red brand seething, snarling and bloodthirsty. A memorable collision is on the way, one that will bring about great buzz for the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view. At Extreme Rules, five Raw Superstars clashed to decide who would be the next No. 1 contender for the Universal Championship. Lesnar, meanwh...more

Autodesk and Stanley Black & Decker use algorithms to design new tool for electricians - 06月22日(木)20:50 

Stanley Black & Decker has enlisted an algorithm’s help to redesign a tool for electricians, marking a big shift from relying on humans to do the job. For the past several months, the industrial and household tool giant has been experimenting with cutting-edge technologies to produce the tool, which is used to fix hanging electrical and telephones lines. But the heavy tools—some are nearly 15 pounds—put a big strain on workers, making coming up with a lighter version a possible hit product. To reduce the tool’s weight, Stanley Black & Decker consulted with the design and architec...more

マジカルガールズコレクション始動! 『魔法騎士レイアース』本格派コスメは戦うオトナ女子へオススメ - 06月22日(木)12:00 

バンダイが、新たに化粧品ブランド“マジカルガールズコレクション”(発売元:株式会社バンダイ クレアボーテ)を展開! 第1弾として、懐かしのCLAMPアニメ『魔法騎士(マジックナイト)レイアース』の主人公・獅堂光(しどう ひかる)が身につけていたアイテムをモチーフにしたコスメが誕生! 今回は、1994年から1995年にかけて放送されたアニメ『魔法騎士レイアース』に登場するアイテム「伝説の手袋(グローブ)」と「レイアースソード光の剣」をモチーフにコスメとして再現。 ※すべての画像が表示されない場合はOtajoからご覧ください http://otajo.jp/68686 魔法騎士レイアース フェイスパウダー フェイスパウダーは、主人公・獅堂光が身につけている戦闘アイテム「伝説の手袋」をモチーフとして、コンパクト形状にデフォルメ。 中央に位置する印象的な光のイメージカラーのクリアレッドの円形パーツは、作中アイテムのツヤ感と曲線を再現。さらに、風ちゃんのグリーンと海ちゃんのブルーのパーツもさり気なく配置され、1つにレイアースカラーが凝縮されたアイテム。 オトナ女子の手にすっぽりと収まる、直径約71mm×厚み約29mmの薄型サイズのため、持ち運びにも便利です。 メイクの仕上げ用パウダーとしてはもちろん、外出時にポーチに入れて持ち運んでお化粧直しパウダーとしても使ってほしいという想いから、...more

Reality bites as tech giants bend the knee to their biggest customer: Donald Trump - 06月20日(火)23:30 

ANALYSIS: This was always going to happen, from the moment Donald Trump won his shocking victory last November. Even if leaders of U.S. tech giants generally believe that Trump is a loathsome individual who offends their professional and personal ethos on many levels, there is no getting around the fact that the U.S. federal government represents a giant piggy bank. And as the chiefs of publicly traded companies, they simply can not ignore the reality that modernizing federal systems would be a windfall. And so there they were yesterday, gathered around a table listening to Trump talk about ho...more

Predicting 2017-18 Roster Changes for Cavaliers After NBA Finals - 06月14日(水)22:00 

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their second NBA Finals in three years to the Golden State Warriors. As the new champions pop champagne bottles and prepare for a parade, the losing franchise will work to climb back to the top for the upcoming season. According to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, the team doesn't need wholesale changes to avenge the series loss, per Cleveland.com reporter Joe Vardon. "Gilbert made clear he was happy with the direction of the franchise. He stressed that he did not see the need for major roster changes to answer the Warriors—who added Kevin Durant to a team that a...more

Apple will finally let you shut off those annoying requests to rate apps - 06月10日(土)07:09 

Nothing's worse for your app experience than endless demands for ratings — but, thankfully, those days might finally be over. If you really hate those pop-ups, you'll be able to make it so that you never have to see one again. Since before we started playing Candy Crush, app review prompts have been a Wild West of sorts with no set rules for developers to follow. They could hit us up for ratings as often as they pleased — which can be frustrating for users after the fifth pop-up in as many days.  Apple started to clamp down on the persistent review prompts earlier this year wi...more








関西同人グループとして活動を始め、1989年、サウス3号の聖伝-RG VEDA-で商業誌デビュー(同年の月刊ウィングス9月号より連載開始)。結成された当初は漫画の同人に限らず「漫画も描ける、企画・製作チーム CLAMP」MORE1993年9月号、304頁。、8ミリビデオでの映画撮影や洋服作り等を行う計画もあった。デビューとほぼ同時に大阪から東京へ引っ越す。聖伝は大ヒットし、出版元である新書館は当時「高河ゆんで倉庫を建て、CLAMPで本社ビルを建てた」と言われた。