AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young dies aged 64 - 11月19日(日)01:52 

Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and guiding force behind the bawdy hard rock band AC/DC who helped create such head-banging anthems as "Highway to Hell," "Hells Bells" and "Back in Black," has died. He was 64.

'Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take A Knee)' is a terrible new country song - 11月18日(土)08:26 

A country singer whose name no one needs to know has released a song about the NFL #TakeAKnee protests. It's called "Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take a Knee)."  SEE ALSO: #TakeAKnee protests are about police violence, not the military or the Constitution New country music song titled “Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take a Knee)” takes aim at those who kneel during the National Anthemhttps://t.co/iMdT3L5fxx pic.twitter.com/LfiYjFyKUW — NBC4 Columbus (@nbc4i) November 17, 2017 The singer expresses how he just can't understand why anyone would have any problems with ...more

【ANTHEM】ANTHEM、激動の2017年”を映像化 - 11月17日(金)12:03 


Draymond Green Discusses Mark Cuban, White House Visit, Racism - 11月17日(金)04:01 

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green spoke at Harvard on Thursday and addressed a number of issues, including whether the NBA should eliminate the word "owner," Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and President Donald Trump.  "I understand the difference between owning equity," he said, per Mark Medina of the Mercury News. "One particular owner (Mark Cuban) said I didn't understand equity. I understand owning a trademark and owning a business." Medina noted Green said "that's different than owning a group of people." Medina shared more of Green's comments: "When you look at Mark Cub...more

Papa John's would like you to know they think Nazis are bad - 11月16日(木)01:59 

"Better ingredients, better pizza, and also Nazis – we do not like them."  Sure, that's a paraphrase, but Papa John's wants the world to know that the company doesn't approve of Adolf Hitler and his ilk. This notice comes to you after Father John's founder, John Schnatter, recently told investors that NFL protests have hurt his company's sales. SEE ALSO: Pizza gets political: The Papa John's vs. Pizza Hut war heats up Papa John's is a sponsor of the NFL, and Schnatter believes that players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racism and police brutality have led to fewer p...more

Far-right demonstrators give Nazi salute at Madrid march (VIDEO) - 11月18日(土)18:15 

Hundreds of people joined a march held by the far-right Spanish Falangist movement. Some demonstrators were spotted giving Nazi salutes and singing fascist anthems as they marched through the streets of Madrid. Read Full Article at RT.com

China hasn't forgiven Katy Perry yet, so she won't be able to play the Victoria's Secret show - 11月17日(金)18:56 

It seems China hasn't quite forgiven Katy Perry yet. The singer has been reportedly denied a visa to China, ruining plans to perform at the Victoria's Secret fashion show at the end of the month.  SEE ALSO: Katy Perry's $9.5-million mansion will make you roar Perry was originally slated to perform in Shanghai, according to a report by Page Six. The article also adds that some other models, including Gigi Hadid, have also been banned from the event. China's grudge against Perry appears to date back to 2015, when Perry performed a concert in Taiwan in which she wore the Taiwanese flag. Taiw...more

Jerry Jones' Request for Sit-Down Reportedly Won't Be Honored by NFL Owners - 11月17日(金)09:29 

The six team owners on the NFL's compensation committee reportedly rejected a request from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to hold a special league meeting to discuss a potential contract negotiation with commissioner Roger Goodell. Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal reported the news Thursday, noting "Jones cited a laundry list of problems facing the NFL as justification for his actions." The owners of the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants, Houston Texans and Pittsburgh Steelers are on the compensation committee. They said Jones will have "ample...more

『ヒプノシスマイク』第2弾CD 浅沼晋太郎率いるヨコハマ・ディビジョン全曲試聴PV&13分超えボイスドラマまで公開! - 11月16日(木)08:30 

男性声優12人によるラッププロジェクト『ヒプノシスマイク -Division Rap Battle-』第2弾CD『BAYSIDE M.T.C』が昨日11月15日に遂に発売されました! その収録楽曲を全曲試聴できるトレーラー映像と13分を超えるボイスドラマトラックまで公開! 『ヒプノシスマイク -Division Rap Battle-』とは、声優史上初のラップ音楽原作のCD企画。12人の男性声優がそれぞれがキャラクターに扮して作中でラップを繰り広げます。12人のキャラクターはイケブクロ、ヨコハマ、シンジュク、シブヤと4つのディビジョンで構成され、1チーム3人のCDとして、3週間毎にリリース。 今週発売されたのは、浅沼晋太郎さん、駒田航さん、神尾晋一郎さんらヨコハマ・ディビジョンのCD『BAYSIDE M.T.C』。 作詞をサイプレス上野、作曲・編曲をALI-KICKが行った碧棺 左馬刻(CV.浅沼晋太郎)の楽曲「G anthem of Y-CITY」、作詞をHOME MADE家族のKURO、作曲をBUZZER BEATSのCHIVA、KUROが行い、編曲をCHIVAが担当した入間銃兎(CV.駒田航)の楽曲「ベイサイド・スモーキングブルース」、作詞をUZI、作曲・編曲をALI-KICKが行った毒島メイソン理鶯(CV.神尾晋一郎)の楽曲「What’s My Name?」の構成となって...more

EA's Blake Jorgensen Teases ‘Anthem,’ Motive's New Action Game & Streaming Service - 11月15日(水)19:59 

Electronic Arts chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen recently attended the UBS Global Technology Conference 2017 and talked about the future of the video game company. Jorgensen gave an update on BioWare’s “Anthem” and teased the new action game from Motive.









再結成前はリーダー兼メインソングライターである柴田とドラムの大内以外はメンバーチェンジの激しいバンドであった。 再結成後は1990年代後半に柴田と共にLOUDNESSのドラマーとして活動していた本間を加えた過去にないラインナップで10年以上メンバーチェンジもなく安定した活動を続けていたが、2004年以降、本間が膝を悪化させてからは何度か休業と復帰を繰り返していたものの、2013年4月に脱退。本間が休業中の間のサポートドラマーの中には再結成以前のドラマーであった大内も参加している事がある。 2001年の再結成以降のボーカルを担ってきた坂本英三が、2014年2月にそれぞれの音楽性を悔いなく追求するために脱退、後任者として1988年から92年の解散まで在籍していた森川之雄が再加入、同時にサポートメンバーの田丸勇が正式加入が発表された。